New Hero Idea: A.I.D

Name: Assist-Interrupt-Duplicate (A.I.D.)

Position: Captain/Jungler

Heroic Perk:

A.I.D.'s abilities have split effects depending on the target, Cool-down Items have no effect on A.I.D. Every 15 Seconds his abilities come off of cool-down. Cool-down items are converted to crystal power.

Ability “A”: Assistance

A.I.D. Fires a line of energy to the target
When casted on a friendly hero their cool-downs on their abilities are halved, their attack speed increases by 10%, this will wear off if the hero leaves a 5m radius from A.I.D; this will also drain A.I.D.'s energy 10% Every Second

When casted on himself he will gain a barrier equal to 10% of his bonus health. This lasts until it is destroyed. (Cannot be stacked, it cannot be used if A.I.D. is currently split)

When casted on a non-friendly Hero that hero will be visible to all players for 15 Seconds and this ability deals no damage.

Ability “B”: Interuption

A.I.D. Dashes to the target location and lets out an impulse of energy disrupting the target (Skillshot)

When casted on an enemy hero they will be silenced for 1.5 seconds

When casted upon an objective it will be unable to attack for 1.5 seconds

When casted on a friendly hero A.I.D. will take on any current negative status effects on that hero instead

Ult: Duplication

After channeling for 8 seconds A.I.D. will split into 2, each version will have half of its health, WP, CP; however each will have the full amount of armor/shield (Max of 4 Versions)

Ending Note: What do you guys think? Would he be OP? How would he look? Im thinking a cross between alphas original skin and ardens t3 color palette and like a slime. Im hoping SEMC starts implementing more creative heroes that are more than just dash barrier or straight projectiles, id love it if they make hybrids (CP & WP at the same time) or Captains whose abilities have different effects in different situations. I liked where they were heading with idris and I want to see more refines versions of it. Maybe Malene wont disappoint.


Seems like a neat hero, but the problem I have with this hero is mostly about the “B” Ability, Interruption. Stopping an objective’s attacks looks op, even if it’s only for a second, just like how Adagio’s “A” ability back in the day was op simply because it was the only ability that was able to heal the Kraken. I’m also wondering how Duplication works. Does it work like Fortress’s ult, or do the clones stay near you and autoattack whatever you’re attacking?

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How I see it is that with a good team its could be very effective to stop and Objectives attack for a second, in solo queue its practically useless to use it on an objective unless your team is really cooperative with the pings; the balancing trade off is that the ability is now on cool-down for 15 seconds and that its a skill shot dash (picture grumpjaws “A”) So it can miss/be body blocked (by both a teammate/enemy/other objective friendly or not)

The way Duplication works is more similar to Petals Munions rather than fortress’s ult, The clones stay near you and auto-attack whatever you’re attacking and follow the same movement commands you give your “original” hero. If the original hero is killed you will still be in control of the duplicates.

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Vainglory doesnt do 4 abilities :joy: your dream will not come true

Sorry bud

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I disagree on the 5 second silence, that’s a bit too long.

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I see what you mean what would a better time be? 2? 3? I just dont want to make it pointless to use against an enemy

His B sounds very strong, a 5 second silence is a lifetime in a team fight, it’s longer than Catherine’s Ult and could be abused with a bull ware as well.

His ultimatee is also confusing. He splits into two with half the health and then auto attacks the enemy. I don’t understand the point, you’ll be easier to burst down and what DMG are you going to apply auto attacking?

Good effort, it’s not easy building a hero concept, people very quick to shoot you down etc.

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Il tone it down then and make the silence 1.5 seconds

Hes easier to burst down by assassins and heroes like vox and varya but hes harder to deal with because you have multiple enemies to handle, think of why petal is so strong in the early tiers, her munions dont have that much health however if you spend time trying to pick off every munion your probably going to be dead already because of the other carry.

The auto attacks are really effective if you put on something like a stormcrown or a breaking point. Storm crown your dealing true damage from all of the duplicates. As for breaking point think of how fast your stacks will be built with so many duplicates attacking.

But your DMG is halved whilst your split… you’ve got half health and half DMG so all your doing is making yourself weaker when you’ve duplicated. Unless I’ve missed something somewhere…

Attack speed isnt halfed and neither is true damage

Lets do an example niw i dont actually know how to calculate armor shielding or anything so im going to do my best here

Say there are 4 divisions
Original WP : 160
Original DPS: 320 (saying 2 attacks per second)

Each division has half of its original (with 4 divisions they would each have a quarter of the original)
Duplicate WP: 40
DPS per Duplicate : 80 (2 attacks per second)

So 80 * 4 because there are 4 duplicates total 320 DPS
Meaning your staying the same DPS wise in regards to standard WP unless i botched the numbers somewhere

However if you go stormcrown (i dont have the stats up with me so just going to use 100 as a place holder)

Original True Damage: 100
DPS: 200 (2 attacks per second)

Duplicate True Damage: 100
DPS: 200 (2 attacks per second)

4(# of duplicates) * 200 = 800 DPS

The point is that your not losing anything and that even if they kill one they still have 3 others attacking dealing a slightly lower DPS, now say a duplicate is killed middle of a fight, for balancing sake I do not think the stats should change they should still be as if it were 4.

Okay now I sound like one of those people tearing apart an idea. But you’re suggesting the Ult is only relevant when combined with one item, wouldn’t it make more sense to have each duplicate do 60-75% mg at lest this way you’ve an incentive to build CP/WP?

Finally, I don’t really get how the ult helps on a roam as you’re supposed to offer team utility, this appears to increase the base DMG of the roam who in all likelihood isn’t building DMG items. Think you need to include some utility, fortres for instance imitates bleed, maybe your duplicates give people AIDs?

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All good, criticism will help with future ideas

And yea it could definitely have a scale factor to incentivize building WP or CP I just have no clue what would be an OK percent scaling, so i exclude it just like i exclude normal stats when writing these abilities

As for the roam part yes roams are supposed to provide utility for the team but not all of their abilities have to be dedicated to it hence his A ability and his B ability

I’d suggest the duplicates apply a negative effect, Let’s not call it “aids” as that’s offensive (said that tongue in cheek)… is also suggest that the duplicates actually have higher HP, you want to ensure that the enemy can’t sinply ignore the duplicates you’ll need to encourage them to kill them providing utility for the team.

As things stand your duplicates aren’t a threat , are easy to kill and apply no on hit effects. Why would I care about them in a team fights.

Here’s an idea, upon activation of the ult AID divides in two with each version having 60% of aids total HP,CP etc etc… AIDs duplicates continue to duplicate every X number of seconds upto a maxiumum number of X duplicates. All DMG done by duplicates to enemy structures and hero’s is converted into health (10/15/22% ratio) and shared equally amongst AIDs allies (global heal). Now the enemy can’t ignore that the potential for a continuous heal over time is too strong… aids ult resets based on the time his last duplicate does (leaving only one).

I’d say 2 would be a better time, can’t be locked out of your kit for too long.

I still don’t quite understand… if the copy obeys the same commands as the original, won’t they end up standing on the same spot all the time?

Also are the enemies able to tell the difference between copy/original?

And as for the B… CC on objectives is technically game-breaking, I’m not sure it’s a good idea.

I do like the A tho, especially the allies version. And the enemy version.

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I guess you need better protection to against this hero

Think of it like petals munions how they behave so no they wont be on the same spot all the time

Enemies wont be able to tell the difference between the duplicates/ original nor will it matter as the hero will live as long as 1 version is still alive

I completely understand your fear in the CC on objectives I’m still thinking of ways to tone it down. Maybe making it activatable as an overdrive? Or hiding it behind a stat wall like idris’s perks?

Thanks for the support on the A

Ok thanks for the explanation on the ult… Seems like something interesting, which I would like to see.

I’m wondering how CD items get converted to crystal power. wouldn’t that make CD items such as AS, SC, CW over powered on this hero?

Overall, very unique hero. At first glance the ULT could be OP, but having half health, means at 4 duplicates it would have 1/4 health and could very quickly get deleted by a good carry.


I was thinking maybe have the conversion ratio be 150% of what cooldown would be (ex: 25% cooldown converts to 37.5 crystal power)
I dont think they will be op because aftershock is only activated once an ability is used. Paired with his long cool downs its a wasted slot. Stormcrown would simply offer a little bit of CP. CW would be straight crystal power and would definately be a waste of a slot.