New game mode

I was thinking of a new game mode and imo a survival mode would be awesome 5 players face off against waves of minions and treants, crystal sentry’s maybe a kraken or dragon for a boss…just an idea I think could be really fun.


No new game modes yet please q times is long enough


We have enough gamemodes… If the playerbase increases, SEMC could make seasonal gamemodes like Onslaught a regular thing, but as of yet, it’s not required.


enough game modes? lol all you do is farm gold and push turrets in every mode we need something different

Uhm that is what a moba game is. This would be more of a spin off genre and sounds like your game mode is farming gold pushing turrets

This is actually one of the game modes when DOTA first originated. along with turret defence.

it wasn’t a part of DOTA specifically, it was one of the many, many, MANY modifications to Warcraft: frozen throne…

there was an algorithm to increase hero levels to an infinite amount of levels and the enemy waves also infinitely and exponentially difficult. heaps of fun.

There was also endless Brawl modes, capture the flag… race wars (running around on a circle map)… and many many more i can’t remember right now…


I remember alot of them including the battle arena. A lot of them started on diablo and starcraft


Some of the greatest games in history… along with CounterStrike

I’ve had some mates who have ranked no.1 and no.2 in Australia on the competitive stage playing DOTA and CS…

and this comes from purely endless hours of LAN games. no exposure to online experience. Just shows experience and skill doesn’t depend on ranking up with the best… well, VG does because there’s no other options…

Starcraft skills on the other hand, belong to the EU. Diablo 2 and 3 I only played recreationally… so I don’t even know if there’s a ranking for that…

But yeh, for the purpose’s of VG. they got enough on their plate… another game mode after they fix everything else…

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Oh no, please let’s agree never to mention Onslaught again.

Especially with Tony now. If it were to come back, Echo Tony, (legendary talent) Echo Bap, and Lance would just be a guaranteed win.

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I played Bap non-stop in onslaught it was fun as hell

Onslaught wasn’t very fun, if only due to the sheer amount of salt I was forced to ingest. In my experience, Onslaught produced the same amount of salt as 5v5 matches in a shorter amount of time. Part of me wants to play it again, while the other wants not experience it again.

I hope so. Onslaught was horrible in my opinion. Riot shifted one of their games modes from PvP into PvE which was the 2017 Star Guardian event. SEMC should honestly do something similar to that.

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I’d love to see a PvE mode in VG … the Overwatch PvE modes (Junkenstein’s Revenge, Uprising, Retribution) have been a blast. I missed Star Guardian, unfortunately, having been away from League at that time. (I did get some of the skins, though!)

I don’t know that we’ll ever see one, though, because of limited development time and resources. :disappointed:

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I wanna see guild wars…

Oh nvm guilds are broken.

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The missed opportunity there is just tragic. Can you imagine the interest a built-in guild war feature would have generated back when the guild fame grind was a thing? As you say, guilds are pretty much dead now, so I think that ship has sailed, unfortunately.

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This might be ridiculous, but I’d love for some sort of RPG-style storytelling side for Vainglory’s lore. Maybe some sort of “small adventure” which leads to our battlegrounds, like climbing up to Sovereign’s Rise or traversing to the Fold. A singleplayer experience could also be interesting.


So you want semc version of Warcraft 3

Nope, didn’t imply that in the slightest.

If they did a single player lore based mode I would rather it be a side app