New Forum Backgrounds for 3.9

… are here! (I haven’t been able to get to my keyboard for the last several days, so sorry for the delay!)

Currently, we have:

  • Magnus (default skin)
  • Snow Queen Celeste
  • Snow Bunny Gwen
  • Festive Gwen
  • Black Diamond Gwen
  • Masquerade Magnus

EDIT: They’re all available now!


The Magnus one looks great. I imagine these stay around after updates and such?

So far, what we’ve done is make all the splash art from the current patch available as backgrounds. It gets a little unwieldy maintaining too many themes, so we’ve tried to limit the number we have to modify at any given time.

You can find them:

Thanks, but the resolution of those is much too low to be usable. FWIW, I usually make the backgrounds from the full res PSD files.

Awww so that means Snowing Ice Queen Celeste background cant stay forever :mask:

awww I want my Gwen background

New forum user here. How does one set a forum background? Thanks in advance for your patience.

Open your profile, choose the Preferences tab, then tap/click “Interface” – that’s where you can choose your theme. Make sure to click “Save Changes” as well.


Can we get a standard vg background like the logo or storm queen(?,I dunno), sometimes the default vg theme which is the new hero or featured skin don’t look great on mobile and I don’t wanna be grinch anymore just cuz my phone doesn’t like snowflakes much

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Lol, yeah – I’m going to work on the backgrounds a bit today, actually. (I have been checking, but SEMC still haven’t made the Gwen splashes available yet. :roll_eyes:)


Wishful thinking but could this be a background?

That’s a really good suggestion, tbh. I like it much better than the Storm Queen. And it’d be a nice tribute to Justin as well.

I think I’ll make a few bgs that don’t rotate, in case people want stability in their lives. :wink:



SEMC finally provided the high res splash art, so now all the 3.9 skins are now available as forum backgrounds – you may need to refresh your browser if you don’t see them!