New Event battle Royal

A new battle royal event is here and it is awesome.
10k buy in and still lose rewards…

huh? mines says win 12 before losing 3. So you can lose the prize?


Oh an event where you have to win 12 before losing 3 in a game mode based on luck, another brilliant move from semc to keep the game healthy and enjoyable. They buy in is actually more expensive than the rewards until you have 7 wins, i sometimes wonder how these devs aren’t fired


um… it’s pretty clear what they want players to do… buying talents increases your chances of winning.

I’m not bad at BR so decided to give it a shot and bought in with ICE. I’m 4/1 so far but every game feels intense which I’m not used to, just like to take it easy. I’ve had Koshka twice in a row and no snipers yet so they’re not making it easy.

I lost the event at 4 wins (thank you talents and vg silvers!) But I’m more worried about what’s coming next. We had a 5v5, 3v3, and now BR battlegrounds. Next up…oh dear. :sad:


Aw no I wonder if I’ll suffer the same fate! Have you got enough ICE or glory to try again?

If you’re suggesting it’ll be a blitz event then I might save my glory. Me, idris and blitz rule.

Does it give the same rewards with the origins Idris?

Looks like it. Idris skin, 777 ICE, chest and summer keys with a chance for more glory, essence skins and the rest.

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Yeah I have enough to go a few more rounds but I’m not going to I think. Too much RNG. Can’t do anything when you’re triple melee, triple mages, etc. If the next event is blitz I’m certainly not participating.

These events are absolutely unattractive to me. They actually DISCOURAGE me from playing while they’re live.

To right. As much as I don’t like koshka, If the team wasn’t balanced it would have been much more difficult.

If it is blitz then might be easy to go in with guild members and go hard with high performing champs.

Definitely the 5v5 3v3 didn’t encourage me in anyway but BR is better for me. How come it’s not doing anything for you?

you have little option to spend glory
and this is one of the best option

bp chest for 10k glory?
count me in

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Much too random – the comps are so ridiculous sometimes, it feels like too much blind luck is required.

BR defo about the blind luck like. Not fair to ask people to put down so much resources and leave it down to chance. I’ve been checking vainpro and the teams I’ve been up against have been well in my favour so far.

br is like a card game
sometimes you got a bad hand

sometimes you manage to win with bad hand
sometimes you still lose

better than blitz where you can pick your own full-talent heroes, imo

I’m now 7/2 so at least got my ICE back

5 wins because I decided to soloQ after being 3-0… at least i got lance BP though so its kinda worth it