New Era of Toxicity

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Draft chat but now in-game? Can’t wait. Sometimes it’s more fun than the game itself so I’m in.


Nice, now I can let my teammates know that I’m gonna throw beforehand. Thanks smec.


Obviously this is gonna increase toxicity dramatically but what worries me the most is semc’s incompetence or unwillingless shall i say to deal with toxicity and hate speech.

This player got reported on twitter to Kristian Segestrale (ceo of semc) and he gave the classic pr response but no actions were taken against that player despite obvious and repetitive evidence of racism and hate speech.
What i finding really worrying as well is how poorly designed this chat is

Opening the chat completely blocks your view, you dont see the game anymore so you’re basically afk whilst typing. I can see people being completely distracted from the game itself cause they’re too busy arguing with a teammate.


Hopefully they have a flag in-game to turn off in-game chat.

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Im surprised that no one is bringing up how they are shoving their foot into their mouths again.

A dev stream a while ago said that they didnt want a ingame chat because it would allow more toxicity. Welp

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Doesn’t necessarily means more toxicity as it will improve greatly communication and thus prevent tox happening. For example if one is not in team fight the team can explain him to be in the next one instead of ping war that can sometimes not be understanded clearly + is more tilting that:
“Be in the next fight pls”
“My bad, ok”

We will see, but I really needed chat in some games to comm strategy with teammates.


Can be improved I agree, but also for me this is more useful when dead/in calm period and for strategy discussion and not talking. For everything else - pings.

In my opinion the tools we have at our disposal are enough to communicate in solo q

This is the most worrying thing to me about this, couldn’t chat be see through so you can still see the field?

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I don’t think it’s going to increase toxicity , the game can be more toxic without explanation , like if a guy pick a questionable pick in draft and the other guy asks him/her why ? And they respond with just play or trust me and the other guy wants to have a long discussion but no time for that since he/she decides to pick anything and troll , like chat in game could solve that problem by giving another chance to communicate before one of them troll the other one .

Goals and ideas can change, in 3v3 a chat was simply not necessary, the most complex thing a team usually had to do was group up and fight. 5v5 demands much more coordination if you plan to pull anything off, additionally with the addition of PC I expect a wave of players (and you see them on reddit joining almost every day asking about the game) who come from PC MOBA who expect features like an in game chat.

Even if SEMC does not agree with it’s addition, how the game has evolved pretty much demands it don’t you think?

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This has been a needed feature for a long time. It will be a shame and a waste of efforts if they screw this up by making it a party only feature like voice chat.

Yeah but this won’t help if your allies spend the entire match flaming each other…

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Texting and Driving 101: by SEMC
Is this necessary? Why can’t we have custom ping lines instead?

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The enemy will have to deal with the same on their side too though. It’s all even.

We can spam ? again like the old days

Think about it like this: The enemy has to deal with as many trolls as you do. Does that make the game any better when you get trolled?

I’m pretty sure you would be able to mute everyone so I don’t see any problem. If you don’t like chat just mute it.

I mean it’s not going to make the game any worse in my eyes. I’ve had people afk or feed on my team and I’ve seen it the other way too. Now they can type to tell me they are feeding and o can surrender sooner rather than wasting tons of time.