New communication words


Wow thanks vg. Now my vg trolls are really going to enjoy spamming this alot as we lose


You can literally decline surrender to imply not giving up. Eh whatever. Maybe they’ll monetize a shiny “actually useful pings” set in the future :slight_smile:


I love the “sorry, my bad” but the other one is so dumb. It’s completely useless imo because there are already ways to say “don’t give up” like, I don’t know, NOT GIVING UP and LEADING BY EXAMPLE perhaps, or declining the surrender like Xhaos said.


Both are pretty terrible. Both can be used heavily for trolling. Steals farm, pings “sorry my bad”. Lets you die, “don’t give up”. They just don’t do anything useful.


I’m thinking more positively, like when you’re duo-ing in jungle/lane and accidentally last hit. It also frees up the :oops: for frustrated or disappointing situations and causes less confusion with messages I think.


imo people who only see them as troll pings think way too negatively, like thace said, the sorry my bad is definitely nice, i remember my friends were thinking i was mad bc i pinged the x2 sad ping but in reality it was bc i accidentally took their healing treant
dont give up is definitely meh. i’d want buy defense items back with a different sound so it doesnt give me ??? flashbacks


Don’t give up!
Don’t give up!
Don’t give up!
Don’t give up!
Don’t give up!

No Kinetic Nerfs

Ah god damnit.


You guys clearly don’t see enough anime.
Its pretty simple ,you keep saying “I won’t give up” and force the enemy to surrender.


For some reason… hearing those words brings me back to a post that i made… those are the exact words i used… :thinking::roll_eyes::smirk::face_with_monocle:


WELL, when you decline it for the 4th time in a space of 4 minutes… it gets annoying. especially when it is SO obvious the guy standing still at base is the one doing it.

Don’t think just because it doesn’t display a name I don’t know who’s doing it. Also by saying “don’t give up” … it is a morale booster, by hitting an X to “not surrender” the message you’re sending is “dude, what the hell are you thinking”…

the difference is in the message it conveys to the reader.