New Champion - Gwen, the Hallowed Seamstress


Name: Gwen :white_check_mark:
Weapon: Scissors :white_check_mark: (Like Camilles Robot Legs)

Faintly reminds me of Alpha and Gwen :white_check_mark:

Another fun top laner by the looks of it… And that probably means Im going to main her.

Also saw this! Hopefully its true like how Sera came straight to WR on release!


Oh that’d be nice, a new hero that looks cute and deadly and comes to wr too. I’d like that happens but until offical I wont get too hopeful for it

I wonder what the blue area she puts down on the floor does, it moves with her if she is at it’s edge once plus it was placed twice without enemies in it so self buff area possibly?

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Most definitely, one of the devs said she was gonna be a squishy top laner so I’d assume that she needs some sort of aspect to help keep her in top. And a self buffing area seems like the perfect idea.


Wonder why exactly it buff, damage, speed, attack speed, either way I really like this character already even if I might not be able to play her cuz I’m only in wild rift

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The tapestry from the teaser is just breathtakingly lovely, and it was a team effort:

Art Direction - Max Zhang
Storyboard and Direction - Kat Chan
Art style Direction and Effects treatment - Julian Futanto, Shawn Ignatius Tan, Max Zhang
Illustration - Shawn Ignatius Tan, Max Zhang, Kat Chan

More on the design process here:

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:point_up: Gwen’s official splash art!

:point_down: Her launch skin (Space Groove) splash is here: