Needing a guild (NA)

Like the title says I’m needing a new guild to call home…

I’m a casual player and can be competitive at times, I’m low ranked because I simply haven’t been playing ranked and my activity is through the roof. Somebody adopt me!


Bump, don’t force me to be alone. I’ll be very sad.

Could I suggest SEMF if there is a space? Its a guild for forumers - my NA smurf lives there at the moment and its a fairly genial place (with a perturbingly active discord).

@Kcnkcn or @D4rkHydr4 might be able to help you out.

A guild with all my forum buddies? Which leads me to believe the guild is casual?

Definitely interested!

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If you haven’t found a home yet, I have a brand-new guild I’d like to grow and I’m happy to take on new members.


My guild is casual but fun. We’d love to have you! Find me in game, DeathBeALady.

Please try to keep in mind how old a thread is before responding to it… 3 months, man. If it helps, he joined my guild, though.

@hazeleyes aren’t some of these threads meant to lock after a certain time?

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The ones in this section don’t have a timer set by default. I agree that LFG posts and such ought to close after a while, but we might need to do that manually. 30 days seem reasonable?

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Sounds pretty reasonable, a whole month is a good span of time.

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