Need help for 3v3 meta


Game 3, Vg silver cp idris wants to invade kestrel churn on the first rotation, questionable shotcalling to say the least.


Wait what? Im talking about 3v3… I havent seen a tank krul in 5v5 for a long time.

Pulseweave TT Krul? in 3v3? No?


I’ve seen golds that literally do not understand basic stuff about the game while having terrible mechanics as well. No idea how it can be that bad.


don’t wanna offend anyone but there is no good player that still plays 3v3 on regular basis they’ve all migrated to 5v5 (or quit the game).


I mean I don’t know about now. Haven’t played in like a month and 3v3 in even more. But when I did I saw some people who played both modes. Those that I was talking about are bad in 3v3 and even worse in 5v5. I was just surprised how low the value of elo has become. I know it’s never shown actual skill but it wasn’t to this extent either.


He is Bronce or am I missing something?


You said 5v5. Now I’m completely lost about what we are talking.


he was silver last season 3030


I legit typed 3v5 and it autocorrected it for me lol.

Ill take the blame and say sorry for confusing you


How you know it? 3030303030303


loading screen after draft he had a vg silver trophy btw wp kestrel seems broken too


Nah, depending on what heroes you are using, but the top tier ones destroy her.