Nani PS4 streams may be coming?

So I downloaded remote play and may be streaming ps4 content soon. I already got Persona 5 today woohoo 50% off sale! as well as Rainbow Six Seige so you get to watch me suck at that :smiley:. I was debating whether I wanted to get FighterZ or Six Seige, but Seige was a better deal, so I went with that. Looks like I have more stuff ready content-wise (AND I DO NOT HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT LAPTOP LAG I HOPE since I am playing on my PS4!). Kinda had a short haitus from streaming, but I plan on streaming Wednesday and will try to stream either every day or every other day! I might even stream tomorrow. Depends on how dead I feel after work. But don’t worry for all u dirty weebs. I will finish Danganronpa before I stream other games.

Also if you guys want I can also stream some Far Cry 5 (which I got yesterday. Showering with gamez), even tho I already got through like a little over a quarter of the game so far kek

Maybe I should play Persona then stream it on hard :thinking:. Also I should go to sleep since I have work…pretty soon .-.

Looking forward to it.

But to really get your followers up, you should pick a 24 hour stream time (whenever you can). or whatever amount of hours you can put in. Longer the better.

it’s just something i noticed streamer’s do… no pressure. lol. it’s still early stages.

Maybe might do that. Maybe Wednesday or Thursday (Might have to be PS4 content tho cause I am not staying in my parent’s room all night cause that is where the Router is…or I could just get a long boi Ethernet cable :thinking:)