Nani? A balanced match?

What is this madness? Ig I can enjoy my only balanced match till next patch

XenoTek has been playing quite tilted recently. I’ve watched some of his twitch streams. beads of sweat showing… Veins starting to bulge…

Nice win. playing Fortress. i would’ve banned Fortress over Tony. I’m suprised nobody picked / banned Alpha .

Here in SEA, it’s Alpha, Taka, Fort instabanned. Then I usually vote to ban/pick Ardan and Flicker.

Alpha also gets banned a decent amount obviously, but I was playing with other high tier players and rn in high tiers Kestrel seems to be a more ban worthy hero than Alpha rn as well as Rona. Bans are decently diverse, so some games Alpha is banned, Rona is banned, Fort is banned or picked almost every game, Krul is high tier, but not picked or banned as often as these heroes tho. He is banned an okay amount and the same goes for his pick rate. Flicc is not picked or banned much at all in ranked tho although I know he is a solid hero rn

Also our Grace stole Blackclaw for us AND escaped I think, so that helped us a ton and I ulted afterwards and I think we traded during that fight. We just got Ghostwing a ton. If he had that buff that is coming next patch we probably have had a way bigger lead

Lyra is a interesting pick. I have yet to see a good lyra in 5v5. Your team had more CC with Stuns and slows.
The enemy would’ve tried to dive Celeste with Rona, but i think those 5 wolves are too much to deal with.
They didn’t have any real dive hero to deal with Celeste.

Fortress is just so good this patch.

more like showing off that i beat xenotek in ranked

Sh that is just secondary :shushing_face::shushing_face::shushing_face::shushing_face::shushing_face::shushing_face::shushing_face:

EU here, we agree on Taka and Alpha. Fort doesn’t often get banned, we prefer to ban Krul, Idris and occasionally Flicker

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One surprise ban is my boi and you know why do the folks here in SEA ban him? Anti-feed.

That’s why we ban SAW. There are 2 types of SAW. The one that actually knows how to play, and is always on the enemy team, and the one who is toxic and doesn’t understand the principle of the game, and is always on your team.

Tbh I am super triggered with SAW feeders that if any SAW gets killed 3 times within the 1st 5 minutes I’ll straight up dislike that guy.


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That’s a SAW I will dislike immediately