[NA] VAINGLORIOUS EVL Guild Recruitment

Join us! Challenge others in the Halcyon Fold in a fun and non-toxic environment. Also, hop on our Discord Channel for better communication in matches. Rules are taken strictly, a 3 day activity limit, 500xp for first 3 days. Inactive will be kicked. Contact Leader or Officers for more information. Good luck!

Now that the schpeal is over lol; we’re a pretty easy going guild. Everyone prefers to win and when we team up we communicate before hand who we plan to play as and our roles. Recently I have taken over as Leader of our guild and I am renovating us back to our former glory. Currently there are 22 of us and we are all active at some point during the day. Are guild rank avg is Credible Threat (Tier 6) and we prefer that people who wish to join also be of that rank as well. Tier 5 is also fine but please be close to Tier 6 or above. WE WANT TO INCREASE OUR GUILD LEVEL! So that means please please please play as much as you can with other guildmates! Bigger and better prizes are around every corner the higher our guild lol gets! As for our Discord server. We use it as a place to talk, get to know each other, but most of all for better communication during matches. It’s a lot easier to SAY what you want to do than to GUESS what a teammate wants with pings. Please join it, and if you hope to one day be an Officer then it is a requirement. Even my current guildmates dont have Officer because im trying to get everyone on Discord. WE ARE NON TOXIC. It’s one thing to not want to rank match with someone who is of different rank, it is another to bad mouth, bully, and be an all around jerk to everyone or a specific individual. We’re not Politically Correct, but we’re not ***holes either lol.

My username here on Reddit, on Discord, and in VainGlory is WintersHowl215.

…::For more information Join Discord::…