[NA] SweetTeriyaki guild recruitment! Everyone’s welcome! :)

Hey all. I’ve been playing vg for maybe a year on and off but lately I’ve really gotten back into it and have been playing for a few months non stop. I’ve created a guild called ‘SweetTeriyaki’ in the NA region for people like myself who enjoy the game and would like to play vg with other likeminded people. Anyone who wants to play with others for fun and to enjoy themselves please feel free to join. Everyone’s welcome as long as you’re active and treat others with respect. My IGN is SweetTeriyaki so anyone who doesn’t want to be in a guild but needs people to play with feel free to send me a friends request :smile:


This seems great. How do you feel about a taka main?

I’m interested, how do I join?

Just search up the guild in game and join. It’s that simple :smile: I look forward to having you as part of the SweetTeriyaki family

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I’m still trying to experiment with hero’s to find out which one I’m best at. I’ve only used Taka a few times but not enough to give an honest opinion. So far I’m really liking vox it’s just his damage output is so bad :frowning:

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Alrighty defindngly will have to search ur guild

Oh I didn’t know you could search, I’ve only ever joined guilds through browsing :slight_smile:

Would you take a SAWport main? :smile: