NA Server Crash?

This happened around 10:20am US CDT

I then got labeled a deserter after as well…

The first 3 shots the game was frozen for everyone.
It lasted about 5 minutes . Couldn’t reconnect the first few attempts of restarting the app. Three of us got disconnected. Should I show this to SEMC to get my deserter mark removed? I haven’t checked to see if I’ve been placed on LPQ. I’ll definitely be showing them for server connection concerns. Anyone else experience something similar?

Edit: you can also tell by comparing the mini map from shot 3 to 4 what happened. We lost the entire top lane. We ended up winning, but that’s not the point. Major crash for multiple players.

Don’t see anything on Twitter yet, but that certainly doesn’t rule it out – sometimes they don’t post right away.

EDIT: 2 hours later and still nothing on Twitter indicating an issue. Perhaps just a disturbance in the Force?

What could have caused such a large disturbance in the meta?

Was petal buffed or something?

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Any more info on this @Lebatron? I’m going to set it to auto-close, since there doesn’t seem to have been a widespread problem …

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