[NA/Global] Super Evil Mega Forumers [Casual]

Hi its D4rkHydr4 (aka DarkHydra2002)
Haven’t posted on the forums recently, but I’m back to spamming join SEMF :stuck_out_tongue:
or not because Hipster said not to
Anyways, SEMF is a super casual guild that’s based in NA, as well as a branch in SEA.
We are mostly active on discord, where we have daily facts, bots, memes and more! No activity is required to stay in the guild. Members from anywhere are welcome to join the server. SEMF is very non-toxic, and very welcoming. Many notable content creators are also in SEMF, such as nekofury, as well as forum members such as Skieblu.
Join SEMF https://discord.gg/AYPWn9k