Myrmidon Guild/Team

Hey folks! Well, despite the lack of any form of creativity in the current guild system, I decided to finally make one.

Server: NA

Myrmidon Guild [Myr]

I’ve also created a team, Myrmidon Team [Myr]

My vision is that the team can constantly rotate (does this effect the team’s elo?) with whomever the six highest ranked and most active players are. The goal is that players will play together as often as possible. If their ranks are too far apart, they are willing to play casual to increase the guild xp as fast as possible to attain rewards.

Those of you who have played with me know that I’m pretty skilled, but more importantly, very positive and fun to play with! I’d love to see some forumers give it a shot, even if it’s just on your smurf account, to see if it can’t make the game a bit more fun for you.

If it gets active enough, I’d even be willing to branch over to AoV and start trying that out myself, and would be happy to make a small website for the guild and team.

I hope some of you consider joining!


Thanks for joining, @Imanoob! Let’s crush it!

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Thanks for joining, @HipsterSkaarf! Yeah buddy!

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I would like to join. Getting back into the game and looking for good guild/team to rank with and have fun.

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Welcome, @Moosnuckle, to the forums! Please join up - I actually just left it in an attempt to try and grow my twitch audience a bit, but it’s not working out too well yet, so I’ll likely rejoin. In the meantime, look it up and I’m sure @Imanoob who’s leader now will let you in!

It says sea is the leader but the clan is open anyways

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Is the guild still open? I cant find it

Hi! It’s back. I deleted it because I was close to quitting the game and it seemed many members were as well. But - it’s back - and better than ever! @HipsterSkaarf

Hey @Lebatron, is the guild still open? I could not find it.

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It is! You’re more than welcome to join. It’s just me and @Imanoob right now, but we’re kind of fun. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

hey if you’re still accepting members id love to join


Welcome to the forums! I saw you in the guild for a quick second - you’re welcome back whenever! :smiley:

Hey guys! How’s it goin ? HMU too play whenever, West coast time btw