My wish list


  • No more teammates that are 2,3... 4 tiers below mine in my ranked games
  • No more solo q into trios
  • No more solo q into 5 man parties
  • Reduce q times
  • Remove the q reset when someone rejects/dodges a game
  • Fix or at least reduce the dysinc/teleport/moonwalking/invisible force sucking in your character
  • Fix the long list of game ruining bugs that have been around for way too long such as the samuel B bug, the grace B bug, losing elo fo someone else dodging, the Alpha reboot bug and many more
  • No more events with ridiculous buy in
  • No more p2w brawl mode events

Feel free to add yours

be careful what you wish for…
SEMC might make it worse.

Chaos Queue

  • stop with the “coming soon” skins.

Fixed your message

• Stop making skins in general

  • create a thumbs up and down for picks so trolls get punished with losing more ELO/winning the match causes them to gain 10% more ELO.

  • create less tabs

  • allow the higher tier player freely dodge a match in ranked when they get paired up with someone who is two tiers lower than them (only if the player is soloQ)

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Transfer cooldown into energy if you build more than 45% CD
Lorelai skin

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  1. Eradicate boosters
  2. Eradicate chaos q
  3. Fix ranked MM
  4. No meme events that are either impossible or “hurr durr buy this for a meme key”
  5. No rare skins that come with release of a new hero
  6. Legendary ozo skin!
  7. Lorelai skin!
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Legendary Kensei skin for free lol

Better organization and event
Irl friends start playing vg

I’ve discussed in this thread My wish list the things that make this game very frustrating. These issues have been there for a long time now and my concern is that with vg going cross platform, they’re here to stay. While in theory going cross platform is great for the game, the amount of ressources/time and effort that it requires means that less ressources/time and effort will be allegated to fixing the issues touch has. What i fear is that the game on both platforms will be a mess, none polished product.

Oh my god. Stop being so pessimistic. Yourre talking as if SEMC has a ton of bugs like i dont know…day z or some shiz. Let SEMC do there thing. After all they know what they are doing plus they have different groups working on different things. Its not like the WHOLE team is working on one project

Plus dude. The brawl modes are for fun. Like in other words, not to be taken serious. The other “bugs” you mentioned are just minor bugs. The only thing i agree with you is the matchmaking but other then that you act as if the game has these “GAME BREAKING” bugs or whatnot

By the way i have a question. Is this thread suppise to be taken serious? Or its just for the lols cause im seeing a bunch of greedy dudes

why wouldn’t i be pesmistic the game has been filled with issues for so long and there is no sign of improvement

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Yeah cause if samuel’s drifting dark doesn’t move thats not game breaking at all its not like it increases your damage, sustain, range and reduces your A’s cooldown and its not like the ability happens to be on a 26 seconds cooldown. And losing 25 points of elo trough no fault of your own cause someone else dodged is not game ruining at all, 25 points is 5 wins in vainglorious so assuming you’re some god with a 75% win rate it would take you 7 games to get your elo back. if you’re the average vainglorious player with a 55% win rate you would need like 9 games, assuming a game lasts 20 minutes thats 180 minutes so 3 hours to get your elo back cause of a glitch. Wake up mate.


Dude im a samuel main and when that happens its not “game breaking”. I think it either stays or its just a visual bug. Eithed way i still think you’re thinking way to much on the bad side but oh well

By the way you’re over thinming this wayyyyy to much. Remember, you’re doing ALL that rambling for a samuel VISUAL bug. Seriously dude you gotta chill, you’re acting as if the bug is gonna ruin ones gameplay ENTIRELY. (By the way if you know the position that you used the drifting dark this bug its annoying but meh wont distract you at all thanks to the audio cue). I was gonna say something else reasonable…but suddenly i judt forgot what i was gonna say. I really hate my memory

Define a game breaking bug 3030303030

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A game breaking bug would be hmmmmm, WHEN MY FRECKEN SCREEN FREEZES IN THE MIDDLE OF A FRECKEN RANKED MATCH. Thats got to be the most annoying, okay not even annoying dude, i legit want to destroy eartg as it is cause not only well i get bad karma i might also get banned and its not even my fault. Im not sure if they fixes it now since i saw recently in a update that they “fixed a crash” and like idk if they actually did. My game isnt crashing in 5v5 matches or anything but i still lowered my graphics to medium JUUUSTTT in case. Now my problem is my game froze and went to the connecting screen. Really annoying but i got this twice and at least it aint resetting my damn app.

no more rubber banding

more elo for beating a party (when in soloQ even if you have a party on your side)

no more t4 pls back to t1

no more boosted kids pls these POA players this time around think they’re OPOP but are actually garbage

rework Kinetic and make her have this for her ult instead:

give players an ability to block people from being on the same team as you after two matches

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