My Tips to Being a Selfless Player

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Just a warning, this is very long. Don’t expect a 1 minute read.

First of All…
Over the past few weeks, I’ve noticed toxicity and trolling in a few games.
These are bad, VERY bad.

We all like to have fun, otherwise none of us would even be here! But this, pinging, sarcasm, and insults just ruins the game.
I’m pretty sure we’ve all had our share of these types of people. Hey, some of us even got more.

So to all those people that do the things I just said, please. Read this and think over your gameplay.
As for those that DON’T, I guess you might as well still read since you got this far.

Tips to Being a Selfless Player

First Tip: A set back, can be a set up for a comeback.
Some VG players may make extremely horrible mistakes, but that’s okay. A set back, can be a set up for a comeback.
I myself flop every once and a while, fortunately I get matched with some nice people. (Kudos to all those that gave me an OK and Beer!)
For example, I was playing as Skaarf once, and I kept missing my shots. I was even ready for Blackfeather to assault me with pings, same with Ardan. But these were nice people. Hopefully everyone gets these type of people.

Second Tip: Don’t be 'The dude that instalocked".
Don’t instalock! As soon as the hero selection starts and you click that button before anyone even moves, your allies will know you as “The dude that instalocked”.
You shouldn’t instalock because you just got a skin, or you bought the newest hero, or mainly cause you’re a jerk. Vainglory is a Team Game, we are like wolves. We are not designed to be alone.

Third Tip: Sucking at something is the first step to becoming really good at something.
If your team lost the game because your ally was too weak or stupid. Don’t add them just to insult them and make them your pin cushion. Sucking at something is the first step to becoming really good at something.

Fourth Tip: Don’t be afraid to try new things.
Don’t be afraid to try new things. Roaming may seem like an absolutely pathetic role, but it’s the bread and butter of the team. The Roam/Support is the bridge between the Laner and Jungler. I myself love to play as Lane, but if the time comes. I would greatly accept the fact it’s my time to switch. Everyone should too.

Fifth and Final Tip: Keep it contained.
It’s a game. We all want fun, we don’t want people breathing down our necks and murmuring all the horrible insults in your ear. So please, PLEASE, just keep it contained. If you have a lot of pent up rage, let it all out on a stress ball or something. Let out all the anger on an inanimate object (excluding the expensive stuff) instead of a living person.

Finishing Remarks…
So thats basically everything you need to know to be a good example, a shining light to others.
If you ever got any questions don’t leave them in your head. Ask someone ‘reliable’ for the answer. Yes, I’m talking about the mods.

Did you read the whole thing? If you did have a cookie!

Back to my point… Just be a good, humane individual and have a great time.