My suggestion on how to revamp the elo system

I think vg should revamp their elo system.
This is my suggestion.

They should make it like when you win you gain a fixed amount of elo and when you lose you lose that amount of elo too. Besides, they should only make people with that amount of elo only able to match with others with the same elo too.
For example, someone with 25 elo only can match with another one with 25 elo.

Any suggestions to improve this elo system?

(This will totally ruin party ranked lel)

P.s., idk where to put this thread. Mods help pls?

Hmm you got me there isn’t an easy fit for this - I need to rename this section so it does…

So onto your suggestion - I think requiring identical MMR is unrealistically tight - it would be hours before matches were made if ever.

Hrmm, I thought of that problem too. So maybe I should make it a little loose on the requirements of elo? Example: I am currently at 25 elo and my enemies are higher than me (50 elo) but not more than that. Will this work?

(Sorry for my poor english)

Its how most matchmakers work - they initially try and match you within a band of elo then as time in queue passes that band gets wider and wider and wider.

Oh ok. Thanks for the info and your precious time for answering my poor suggestion to revamp the elo system.