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I went on a bad losing streak in Blitz today. Nearly 15 consecutive matches. Should have stopped long ago, but I was trying to get a Quest Chest out of the way (you can guess what that is).

Talents are the problem, bit only part of it. My team mates were just matched poorly by the matchmaker, considering they were 100 to 400 points below where I was at the start of my fall, which was 2426 Blitz Rank, which is hard to achieve considering you only get 3 to 4 points per win and lose 5 or more when you lose.

I’m not complaining about Talents, but I am going to say this - I need a new game mode that is around 5 minutes but doesn’t need Talents at all.

Talents from just today’s experience I feel should be shelved by myself, only for grinding Glory should they ever be use.

I’ll keep grinding Talents cause it gives me something to do each day, just for the sake of giving my fav heroes a complete set for their Talents. Flicker, Lyra and Vox I feel deserve my attention and grind, just because they’ve been so reliable in non-Talent game modes for me.

All in all, I wish there was another thing to grind. I’m getting bored and disatissfied lately, and want something else to grind other than Talents and Ranks.


Try 3v3. It’s not 5 minutes, but games have been talking me 13-15 minutes.

I’m disappointed with the rushed feel of 3v3 still, as I feel it’s more of a brawl mode now. With that said, with the changes understood, and a positive attitude, I did enjoy my ranked 3v3 action yesterday.

More directly to your post, yes, blitz can be frustrating. The mm is hit or miss with it. I’ve had similar losing sprees. My only advice is to ping strategically more or just shadow your teammates. Despite the fast pace, it takes teamwork.


As Veritas said give good old 3v3 another try because the latest patch turned it into a brawl. Just pick Reim up and enjoy snowballing to get a win by 8min if you bully hard enough in the first couple of rotations


We all want this. We all do. Lol.

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