My rant about the new jungle camps timers

Last patch they equalised all spawn and respawn timers for jungle camps and now you get a timer on the mini map if you have vision of it really ? whats next ? locking in a jungler makes the ai take over and play the game for you ? Is it really that hard to look at the clock when you clear the jungle and add 2 minutes ? Jungle is already the most brain dead role in 5v5 and they keep adding noob friendly features that makes the game easier for unskilled players i am so done.

New target audience identified! :grimacing:


First time around it was a bit more difficult especially if there were a lot of invades and delayed timers. But it was still alright. Second time around they unified everything so if you know how to add 2 you’re good. Now it’s literally just get vision and you don’t have to think hard about a game anymore.

I mean literally the only only skill to master for jungle besides hero mechanics obviously is being at the right place at the right time. It was quit tricky and challenging at first but now you just can’t fuck up.

i would say 11 years old candy crush players

Agree, this is skill removing. I liked it best with different times as it was skill needed to time all the stuff + they were harder that +2. Now they even remove that… like it’s hard to add 2m. :frowning:

I’m sorry I don’t see the problem in it. If you can add two minutes to the timer good for you if you weren’t paying attention oh well. But the jungler position is definitely not brain dead. The jungle is really just there to give you something to do when you can’t gank but majority of the time jungler takes the most decision making skills of all positions. Choosing to gank or help push/clear then choosing the lane and perfecting the timing and doing it all quick enough takes the best map analysis skills. That’s what junglers(and roams) are always doing, 100% of the time, analyzing the map, predicting the enemy’s movements and your teammates movements to make the decision for positioning is far from brain dead but if anything takes the most brain processing power. Yeah you’re not always trying to trade in lane and beat the enemy laner but when the time calls for it sometimes you are. You don’t focus completely on perosn’s movement and how to pounce and harass like laners which does take skill but you’re trying to do that for every enemy.

IMO this will only help the jungle position when you go into the enemy jungle to steak farm and realize it’s already taken you’re gonna put a scout cam so you know when those monsters are gonna spawn first so you can push the lanes in a way that requires the enemy jungler to be far from them camps when you want them. This is a good move IMO and that’s how I jungle at the least.


you don’t even need to add 2 minutes if you’re constantly observing the map, which is what a good jungler is suppose to do.

well you said it will help junglers and thats it, i want don’t players to be helped it promotes unskilled players why would they help them ? make it rewarding for players who have map awareness and keep track of timers, features that makes the game easier are never welcome.

you might be jumping the gun a little. Good junglers will continue to be good.
Bad junglers may or may not become better, because you still physically need to look at the map to notice the timers.

I’m not for it… nor am I against it… I just think there will still be the skill gap between good junglers and bad junglers, dispite it being easier for newbies.


well yeah obviously good junglers will still be good it won’t affect them but that’s not the issue anw, it WILL make some bad/average players look better thats just a fact. I honestly hate the direction semc are going towards, every patch is a middle finger for competitive players instead of fixing match making they’re adding stuff that make the game easier and its obviously targeting the low tiers

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I don’t like it either. still, i can see why they are doing it. even the reason isn’t good: to get new players.

you ask what’s next? expect even more “make it easier for newbies” type patches.

They’re doing drastic decisions lately. Count them all: ads, joystick, pc, p2w events. I’m sure even SEMC don’t like it. all the staff leaving? c’mon now. Feel a little sympathy for the people behind the game.

No sympathy… When they have no soul it cannot be felt sorry for…

A good product well advertised will do well.
They have never had that combination.

Well they already did a lot of stuff like , turret range , turret warning you while attacking you (remember old days you die then realize you were getting targeted by it) , seeing abilities range and by using joystick you can see every hero basic attack range ( before you needed to practice a lot to master the ranges) , recommended builds , shopping fast , death timers near the match timer .

Like I can count a lot of things made the game easier , like death timer for example being near the match timer and you don’t have to check the board yourself made the game easier , like it was one of the good things split good from bad people.

Adding timers to jungle camps not that important in my opinion compared to death timers for example .

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I think jungle timers are ok. People at lower tiers neglect jungle. And most of times you can take both jungles singlehandedly. When i pushed through ranks as support main this was my worst fear. Seeing that 12 level joule eliminating everyone because he is 3 to 4 levels above everyone else. Because he took 2 full rotations of both jungles or more. Scary. Often i had to take treants while jungler didnt care a little bit that im taking all of his jungle, just to prevent this.

If it increases awareness of junglers about their own jungle it will be an improvement.

You can deactivate mose of what you said to be honest

Activating or deactivating is not the problem , the problem is the option there ! , by just giving people the option to make something easier means you wasted old players effort on getting good , notice that Iam not against anything I mentioned Iam just telling sandiha that the game going to get easier and easier .

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