My problem with 3.9

So I found out today that with the new update, my phone isn’t compatible (according to Google play). I was wondering if there was an alternate for downloading it. Otherwise I’m screwed. All help is appreciated

I may need some instruction on how to do this. I’ve never done it before. Also is it possible for me to put it in an sd card?
RE: is this installing VG completely over again? Or is it just the update?

Did you already have Vainglory installed on the same device? Just curious since they didn’t mention about changing the minimum system requirements in the patch notes.

Yea. I did have it for the previous update. I went to check for the update this afternoon and it didn’t prompt for an update, it said “your device is not compatible with this version”. Or something similar.

This would be the game plus the update together.


ok. i have the apk downloaded but im a little lost on what to do next. ive watched a few videos and they all use some kind of app. is there a way to do it without getting an app or,… i just need some instruction on what to do :sob:

Download the apkpure app and use it to install the obb file too.

  1. Download and install the APKPure app on your phone or tablet or Chromebook with Android Apps.

  2. Inside of the APKPure App do a search for Vainglory and the game will come up.

  3. Download and install Vainglory through the APKPure App.

  4. Enjoy! You can uninstall APKPure now once you make sure the app loads. Hopefully the next update on the app store fixes your device now being compatible and its a non issue going forward but this is a good work around when you are in a pinch.

  5. If it doesn’t fix itself on the playstore you can use APKPure to update the app in the future without reinstalling the entire game and every file ever for it.