My opinion on Anka

Anka is cool, imo better than Taka.

I think ill play her alot more next update when shes less picked. I LOVE ME A MELEE HERO TO PLAY IN LANE OWO

Best thing about her is that she could be played in lane.

Nothing is really op about her besides her Mirage damage and her combined combo damage.

Her Frostborn skin is ehh and makes her seem like a sister to Rona with the face paint and hair color.

Taunt is lackluster

But i do think she can get the WP Taka treatment.
Not trying to make a clone though

• Her Dance of Blades (B) could get a low wp ratio as well as her Mirage © ultimate since wp is made for basic attack primarily.

i dont want to put this thread into the salt mine but…

the new ping packs are completely trash and ass for that much ice… its a legit waste, u can buy better things such as a battle pass.

pls no flag

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also i think it would be better, even though ik skins are made on a artists inspiration, to have skin themes each update.

They added a skin FURY Taka to the mad max theme along with rona and another summer skin for summer.

But the splash art for that skin is top shelf, imo!


Dude she just got out, wait on them suggestions.

like i said, its my opinion, u can wait to reply to this post but its “MY OPINION” of her. But please do post ur thoughts when u play enough of her.:open_hands:

@hazeleyes ofc its high quality, she looks like a badass while keeping a feminine feel. I feel like it should belong with the winter war theme too. :smile:


Uh, now i cant wait to update the game :confused: