My last thread on this forum

To say that i am unhappy with the current state of the game would be an understatement and you probably figured that out through my numerous posts filled with negativity towards the joke of a company that is semc over the past months. Prior to this weekend the vainglory app has been deleted of my phone for 2 months and it will be deleted for good in the following week. I hate this game, i hate playing it, i hate watching other people playing it and every month my hate grows even bigger so i have decided to completely part ways with the game as well as the community. The game is doomed and i would rather give up on it now than hanging on until it slowly but surely hits rock bottom. I am not really good at speeches so i will cut it short, i would like to thank everyone on this forum whether you’ve been on my side or had many arguments and disagreements i am just a random dude spilling none sense on the internet so don’t take it personally. If for some reason you’re interested in what i am up to you can follow me on twitter @Sandiha_Vg i don’t tweet often and when i do its usually low quality on sense as i usually do. I am also into pubg mobile atm so feel free to add me there ign: Sandiha, i play with anyone whether you’re bronze 5 or Conqueror idc as long as you give me M4 attachments.

Best regards, Sandiha.


You don’t need to leave the forum :slight_smile:


This is a place where people discuss a game they love my negativity even if justified doesn’t do any good.

A lot of people here don’t play anymore and don’t enjoy the game, but are still here.


I’ll add my voice to @Guest_78’s – you’re more than welcome to continue to hang around here, even if you’ve left the game behind (either permanently or temporarily). The Off-Topic category is for posting most anything you like, and while not dedicated to any other games in particular, we’ve discussed several there from time to time.

However, I do understand the wish to cut ties cleanly as well. If you decide to do so, I’ll offer you the farewell we always gave departing shipmates in the US Navy: may you always have fair winds and following seas!


Its honestly sad to see you leave, I would like to think that @Guest_78 and I are probably the most saltiest people here.

I wonder what goes through Hazels head when he sees us on a random thread, ranting about BF and how bad SEMC is…

Back to the main point which is that, just because you are super salty doesnt mean that you need to leave.

Pretty much the replys above are more then enough reasons to stay < 3

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I am with the others, no reason to leave + controlled negativity is always welcomed. :smiley:
As for the game - we will see patch 4.0… 3.8 will be a baseline and not that great, 3.9 will start to fix it and 4. 0 will be either more fun gameplay orrr return to some boring iteration of the game shaped to be after 5vs5 release. Either way, you are welcome to stay and jump in convo even if they are mostly in the offtopic area. Peace

This is why this forum is so good. You’re allowed to have whatever opinion you like, even one full of hate and negativity. Whats important is that you’ve been respectful to others.

In fact, the more point of views the better. it creates discussion, which turns those gears in those minds to think differently.

Anyway, the choice is yours. Leave or stay. . . Your voice is valued and will always be welcomed. because you present yourself in a well dignified manner.

You know that there is no reason for patch 4.0 be the one following 3.9, no?

Yes, but I feel they will try to promote “big change” when the meta changes are done and thus 4.0 + some additions like 1 new item/2 new heroes. We will see.

there is no need to go, I haven’t played since june but I still check out forums everyday cause I love reading what is going around in the game and what you all have to think about it.


@Guest_78 @cha0z @RiseChu @Ve3nNo0wM @hazeleyes I get your point but i don’t wanna be involved with anything related to vainglory. I will still be lurking and droping a comment every once in a while but i won’t get involve or start a discussion related to this game.


Then… farewell. Wish the best for you :wink:

Good bye then… I remember the good ol days of January when you had no icon and I thought you were just some salty noob troll… but another one of the originals leave us again…

Man I’m not quiting I enjoy myself everytime I play even when I’m getting rekted I only get angry when my damage too low lol


I know this an old joke but…
See you in 2 weeks :koshkalaugh: …hehe…ok i’ll stop. But srsly…like everyone said. Do come back if you want to :smile:

You’d came back, were passionate enough about the game to join the forum in the first place. That’s just how things works. I went through Star Wars and Fallout go to the shitter, courtesy of Disney and Bethesda. But I’d still check on any new entry, see if it’s any good.

Iam not playing that much waiting the 3v3 changes , I stopped watching vg streams , but recently I watched kartanesi streams I thought she quit streaming , now she is back and you are quitting hehehe , what a salty potatoe :rofl: , if I see you in her chat I’ll screenshot and post it here as an evidence of your addiction to this game , good luck and enjoy your time away from noobs and trolls in this game .