My guide to Malene

Prepare for a long read!

So after playing Malene for a few days and getting a handle on her, I wanted to share how I have been playing her.

Role: Top Lane

I know a lot of people see her as a mid laner, but there are a few problems I have found playing her in mid, and why she is better as a top laner.

Issues in mid:

-Generally you are going to find the same heroes occupying midlane. Celeste, Samuel, Skaarf, and Varya. Each one of these heroes easily out trade Malene, generally causing you to be under farmed. Celeste, Samuel, and Skaarf are the hardest to play against since Malene is a mid range mage. If the enemy plays well against you, getting close enough to deal damage is a pain.

-Mid is generally also occupied by a Captain for most of the early game. What this means for Malene is not only does she have to be outranged and harrased all game, her light form A is even harder to land as it can be body blocked by the enemy Captain. (And usually will be) This is a huge issue for Malene as being comfortable with her combos is one of the keys to success, and landing them is very important.

Perks of top lane:

In general, top lane is usually the hardest lane to work in as it is minimally supported, and usually under pressure from jungle ganks. Malene fits this role perfectly because:

-She has 3 abilities to escape from a gank. Her light powered A, and Her light and dark B. This makes her incredibly annoying to gank, and therefore perfectly suited for top lane.

-Heroes who generally occupy the enemy bot lane, your top lane, are WP snipers, or bruisers. In either case Malene trades very well into these heroes. With snipers she has a lot of power behind her to burst down squishies, and against melee heroes she has the range and abilities to out trade them if they try to get to her.

Now, on to the nitty gritty!

Final Build:

Alternating Current, Dragons Eye, Clockwork, Broken myth, Journey boots, Aegis.

Now some of you might be saying “Aftershock!!” but I do not believe it is a superior choice over AC. AC offers more to Malenes kit than AS, giving more attack speed, CP, and extra crystal ratio which aids in her empowered attacks when ulting, and increasing ability damage. AC wins out in my opinion, hands down.


Overdrive her A and Ult. The A is important as it decreases the energy cost to 0. The ult is important as it lowers the cooldown to 2 seconds, and increases the slow and empowered attack on basics. I haven’t really found a time where overdriving B is superior to A and Ult.

Start Malene off with 2 crystal bits and 1 point into A.

The two bits make Malene pretty strong right out of the gate, and energy isn’t a huge issue while you are farming.

On your first shop you should pick up a heavy prism, and a Blazing salvo. (You need 1,450 gold for this, do not shop until you have enough.) Boots are not a priority as her Light form B functions in much the same way early game, and gets your build online faster.

Once you complete AC, buy a void battery, Chronograph, sprint boots, and start working towards your Dragons eye. It is important to have the void battery and chronograph as it helps fill the void for energy and cooldown before you complete Clockwork.

Once you have completed AC/DE/CW you should focas on your boots. These help make Malene even more slippery than she already is, and a kiting monster.

During this build the most you should really deviate from it is by buying a reflex block or piercing shard if necessary. However do not complete BM or Aegis in the middle of the build as it really slows down her potential damage.

After Journey boots are complete build/finish BM, then Aegis.

Level 1 play:

Malene is quite powerful at level 1, but you should play very cautiously until you are level 2. Without her B Malene is very easy to take down as she is incredibly squishy.

After you get your B ability go ham! Take risks, even if you over extend a bit to far, Malene can generally escape situations that mean death for other heroes.


There are 2 very important combos to master if you wish to play Malene well:

  1. Ult from dark form-AA-A-Ult to dark form-AA-A

  2. Dark form B-Ult to light-AA-A-B

#1 Is the main offensive combo, and deals some very heavy damage when you stack DE before using it. This combo is important to master, and very mechanically taxing.

#2 Is the best way to escape sticky heroes. Dark form B can deal serious damage to deter a chase, but if that doesn’t stop them you still have the Slow and root combo from the Light A and AA, and a barrier amd speed boost from the B. (I told you she was slippery!)

Basic attacking:

One thing to get into your muscle memory to get the most out of Malene is constant shifts between forms while basic attacking. (this is why we overdrive Ult instead of B!)

During fights everytime your Ult is available use it! You will deal insane damage overtime, while being able to kite or hard engage due to the constant slowing coming from the Dark to Light empowerment. This will take quite a bit of practice, but once you get it down you unlock a secret perk!

If you time your Ult just right while basic attacking your next attack will come immediatly after your last! This gives you an extra attack in each form dealing maximum damage!

Now as this is running a little long, and I think I got all of the important stuff in there, here are a few quick tips to make Malene work even better for you!

  1. Save your boots! If you really need to make it somewhere fast use your Lightform B. This is basically boots with a low cooldown built right in! This is great for chasing fleeing opponents aswell if you switch from dark form before chasing as you get a speed boost and a slow to catch up!

  2. If you are in a really sticky situation, pop your boots immediatly after using Dark form B. This increases your move speed while you are invulnerable and your enemies will be left in the dust!

I hope you enjoyed my guide and find it helpful!

If you feel I missed anything, or want to add something feel free to comment below!

Goodluck on The Rise everyone!


Good guide but you need to try AS BM 2xCoat and Aegis .
She can spam AS like crazy and the damage is pretty much the same .

Glad you liked the guide! :slight_smile:

But I do not agree with AS on her.

You lose a lot of damage from her kit, just for some quick AS procs. Which if you don’t time right your dps suffers immensly.

I have tried running AS and I find the AC build is just vastly superior.

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I just have to disagree on 1 thing in your guide.

Malene trades very well against Celeste due to her CC that makes her very vulnerable and easy for picking off.

In 1 v 1s Malene wins hands down because she can dodge/tank poke damage with her lighform B, dodge her stun with her dark form A, and follow it up with one of her combos to quickly eliminate Celeste.

I watched many videos of Malene against Celeste and she does extremely well against her and he can harrass her and prevent her from reaching level 8 and starve her from her farm with her poke and constant CC.

The problem is Celestes range against Malene. For sure Malene has a kit that in theory should best Celeste. However Malene has to get close to be able to do damage. Any good Celeste playing into Malene just wont let that happen.

For example, dodging her stun from lightform is a problem as the stun lands pretty fast, so switching from Light to dark while popping the B is pretty difficult.

In regards to being able to tank with Light B, the biggest problem is cooldowns. If you tank some damage from the first supernova, you are going to eat the next as Celestes stars have a much lower cooldown.

The biggest problem is that you won’t find yourself up against a Celeste 1v1 very often. She most certainly will have allies supporting her, making her combos much harder to land. While also having to dodge out additional damage and abilities.


You dont even have to try to proc AS if you just spam ult/A.

You can look at my vgpro for many similar games

Is that just from AS+skills? Wow is she busted…

Good guide but I have 2 things to say.
Gatorrex posted a video showing that AC and AS builds have the exact same dps while spamming abilities and not procing it. With AS you get BM sooner while not dropping damage. Also in team fights AC requires you to constantly commit to stutter stepping and on top of that her abilities have short cool downs and she’s not as reliable on AAs as much as abilities. Also her ult is AA reset so again AC does nothing for that while AS procs it for massive burst.
And you shouldn’t really build chronograph and void battery while not actually building towards CW. It slows down your next item a lot without having as much impact.

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I saw the video. One thing to note is this build was not seen, however it does point to the strength of my build as because it was AS against an unfinished AC build, with very minor differences. Had it been full build (even swapping DE for SG) AC would most likely come out on top with how close it was.

With AS yes you get BM sooner, but BM isnt really needing a rush as defense purchases in game are generally not prioritized.

Her power, IMO, is her ability to kite and stutter step in fights. She stacks very well and has 100% CP scaling on empowered attacks. Yes AS gives good burst, but it is no contest against a stacked up Malene who can burst combo harder.

The reason for Chronograph and Void first is to help with mid game cooldown and energy to keep Malene in the fight before clockwork. Mid game she gets pretty energy hungry, and the cooldown allows combos to be up faster while working to dragons eye.

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The tested builds were the same except for the 2 items and it was 3 item builds. With AS you get CDR sooner and also I don’t need energy that much. If I do energy battery is enough. And again you have AA reset every 2 seconds that is not affected by attack speed at all. How many AAs can you use in that time? What about using other abilities too? And yes carries do not prioritize defense but tanks do having BM earlier is only an advantage not disadvantage. And about the chronograph and void battery my point was if you buy the 2 t2 items you should just finish CW before the next item. Otherwise you delay another power spike and with at least a few minutes without having any significant advantage.

100% cp every 4(or about 3 if you have some cdr) seconds
Might as well go AC lorelai who gets CP worth more than a SG permanently on her pools with a higher scaling on basics

That is 100% every 2 seconds on overdrive, almost instant when clockwork is built. Plus slow on basics to maintain position.

The 100% CP ratio is only for dark transformation while light transformation is a slow.

This is great! And good discussion following as well! Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to putting this to work… Gonna be ugly for a while. Hahaha

That was my bad, I meant 4 seconds and not 2.

But with clockwork the delay is 1-2 seconds with abilities chained in.

I am glad you like the guide!

I hope it helps you with Malene, she is such a fun hero to play! :slight_smile:

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Been dabbling, but feel like I haven’t understand all the potential, and so would be sort of swing in the dark… I have some direction now. Stoked.

I recommend going to a very hard bot match to practice her mechanics. It helped me greatly to get her combos down before I played PvP. :slight_smile:

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So, giving a try. And…yeah… soooo much fun! Thanks again.