My game is crashing

I am having a problem with game crashing: My game crashes at least once for no reason and when it opens up my character dies cause it walks on its own or something

My device isiphone 6
My operating system is latest iOS ig

Here’s an article that might be helpful, as indeed, most crashes are due to running out of memory:

If that doesn’t fix the problem, it’s best to submit a support request here:

FYI, what you’ve posted is unlikely to allow anyone to try to reproduce your issue. You ought to try to be much more specific. Also, tbh, it’s not really reasonable to expect the game to run perfectly on 5 year old hardware … (For example, a key factor may well be that the iPhone 6 only had 1 GB of RAM.)


Yep I made a thread about it once it happened I think update 4.3 or before it , 5v5 is crashing , 3v3 not bad , so you can play 3v3 or brawl modes , forget about 5v5 it’s unplayable , like hazel eyes mentioned the problem is the ram , so just pray you don’t get a guy playing Warhawk with his legendary talent in brawl mode easy crash .

Yeah, could be the RAM - the game really got a lot lot more demanding than back in the days and I even include vs the 5vs5 release (while realistically there are no visual changes, so it’s not the best way to get heavier).