My first YouTube video :)

Hey guys, I made my first video on my YouTube channel with some CP SAW gameplay. Check it out and leave a comment! I am planning to upload new videos every saturday and it would mean very much to me if you follow on my channel. Cheers!


To be honest, this clip is straight cheesing noobs in JBeginning. But anyway, let’s analyse your clip (believe me, I’m the only SAW main here. The only one who can say anything else is idmonfish-Renegades’ coach who I begged to be my mentor).
Ok first, your A was kinda off and that cost you resources. Sometimes, I see that the health of the enemy was low enough for a single shank but you popped your Cannon and shot. That wasted your energy and affected your long-term substain damage. Don’t do that. Practice shanking. Know the right amount of HP that it’s enough for a single shank. This technique will take you like 20-30-40h to master.
Secondly, don’t rush into the enemy team. You are SAW. You are squishy AF and you are immobilised whenever you use your B. Btw, your B when building CP deals a lot of damage and it has a range of 12m, outranging Celeste’s A of 9.5m at the last rank. Take your time and snipe your enemies from afar. Position yourself in a place that is secure.
Thirdly, the skill leveling and the builds. That leveling is for skirmishing and 1v1. If the enemy team has a ton of assasins, level like that. If else, take the 3rd rank of your ult over the A overdrive. That’s the build for substain damage. For the builds, there are a lot of builds but I personally go SG-SG-CW-BM-JB-Def.

Did he ask for analysis though?

Good luck with the channel


I helped him improve his gameplay though.
Ps go analyse something else bro SAW is my brudda.

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Also saying you are the only SAW main here is far fetched.


Hey, thanks for the advice, I realized that I goofed up sometimes but still let it into the video :blush: