My first win as Miho in rank

I don’t usually play bot but this time i was feeling courageous as I practice and played as miho in casual and rumble. So I knew how her build and kit works.

I can safely say Miho might be my new main for wp build or bot lane.

While malene remains top/mid/jungle.
Lyra lorelai for captain.


If you play vs yourself , Miho vs Malene who is going to win ?

Miho obviously… i can dodge malene light A but I played against Miho using malene and I killed Miho… soo

But miho kills malene easily.

Melons kit works well against Miho and pretty much any Melee hero in general.

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It does… but it escape malene’s light A ability. Malene is pretty much dead. If I am using malene against miho. I won’t use my light A first. I will wait till she blinks. I will escape her her dash by using dark B then swap. Light A her after Miho dash then snowball…

Malene works well against Miho if you know which ability to escape and use… not just blindly

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It does not hurt that Malene is balanced while Miho is literally SS+ tier

Update. Just bought Meeko with glory and to no ones surprised, I dominated the game.

Its pretty similar to BFs style of gameplay but every so slightly.

Also with her Twilight skin that I got from the summer chest, I can say confidently that Twilight > Default Meeko

Off Topic about skins

Ps. Can we get a Night Shadow skin line for Koshka, Flicker, and now Meeko!

High Tech skins for the tailed heros sounds so cool and three out of the four tailed heros are already assassin!!! :spring_happy_2:

Maybe Ill create a concept thread later on this year…

Malene is definately close to SS tier. Close… she is currently able to bully gwen, ringo, baron with the right moves and correct form. She can eliminate almost all the vg heros except a few. She is stronger than celeste but her weakness is range. Though below than warhawk now. Malene is surprisingly able to counter Miho when Miho like you said is in SS tier. It’s because her kit helps to be able to counter Miho and root her then she can snowball.

She is an early game bully, so it’s how it should be. Malene can stop easily solo dives, to dive her you need multiple divers, otherwise it’s better to just outrange her.
I do think though Miho in teamfights can relatively easily take care of Malene as she has more dashes and Malene can’t stop all that. Fighting malene at 1v1 is in general not a good idea, very few heroes can do that.

I feel like Malene is actually late game… i am actually slightly weaker in early game since I don’t have much damage to sustain myself. The moment she reachs lvl 6 with aftershock or shatterglass. That’a where she comes online.

Level 1 - 5, yes she can bully but weak damage and high cooldown.

Level 6 onwards, she will have lots of cp items scaling her kit.
Yes her late game weakness… being ganked by multiple heros.

To play Miho and to activate mutiple dash is tricky but it’s possible. I haven’t been countered by miho yet or killed.

IMO she is weaker late game simply because she gets outscaled. The pressure she can apply late game is far weaker than early game.

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That maybe true, but depends on how one plays. I never had trouble in late game as malene…

And also the little buff to her A really makes a huge difference especially in late game.