My first games and wins of 5v5

Played 2 games so far.

Both used Samuel to push mid lane… First game over in 20 minutes, second game over in 15 minutes.
Second game almost din’t even need ghostwing or blackclaw… but we secured the dragons for the final push.

2 wins outta 2.
5v5 is definitely living up to the hype.

despite the numerous accidental Shop pop ups by my accidental palm touch (in the middle of a fight) and the map being on the left side, even when i changed it in options… we still prevailed victorious.

not to mention the really annoying camera lock/unlock button next to the zoom… omg, died twice because of that.

Overall experience: very enjoyable. Love 5v5.

don’t have access to 5v5, but I can agree I almost died a bunch of times by clicking the free camera by accident. I wish there was an option to turn it off tbh.

I get why they’d want to put the toggle for map lock on he screen but that seems like a bad idea. Could easily put a toggle in score card.


The map hold still works a lot better and more efficient than toggle on off in my opinion

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I think putting it on the main interface is just fine, since I myself toggle it a lot throughout the match, depending on what I’m doing. But maybe they should give players options to put it where they want to, and make some elements of the in-game layout editable