My first and last complaint on 3.9

Semc copied the basic mobile moba homescreen and sooner or later they combined the old ui with the most recent one. That was nice… I mean the one we have now.

But they now changed the loading screen to a basic or typical mmoba loading screen :neutral_face: :expressionless:

Really. Was that needed? From this

too that

Its so blocky and cheaply made…

I was told the change was due to the hero masteries. Lets also rant about that. Instead of creating unique mastery icons, they went for the basic ass microsoft paint star tool look.

Idk but I hope they change it to something more cooler and less space intensive so we can soon go back to the dynamic loading screen


Also again they hide previous season rank, so you will not spot earlier how f up you are. :smile:

Only good thing about the new loading screen are the borders for LE/SE skins

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Hey, it’s me!

I think I agree with you - the diagonal version feels a bit more interesting… The new style shows a little more of the splash art, which is nice, but I don’t think I like it as much. The white “frames” are a bit off-putting too, and take some of the shine away from the LE frames.

Personally, I think both versions feel kind of busy. Lots of colors and badges and whatnot… I’d like a version that wasn’t just rectangles, I think, and found a way to get rid of all the extra colors (IGNs, skin names), while still being clearly two teams, and showing all the neat player info. Not the easiest thing to design (especially for multiple devices and resolutions), but hopefully they’ll get there! In the meantime, maybe someone here wants to make a mock-up? cough Xhaos cough

This was a casual match, above, but I think ranked matches will show your current season’s VST. It does in Blitz, for what it’s worth, but I haven’t tried the other modes yet.


Played two ranked matches, they hide the previous season skill tier again(and no info for current tier). Also the UI is choppy when “play” is pressed and when transition from bag - skins to play now.

Pssst @Xhaos :grimacing: This text will be blurred

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Between the 2 screens I like the old one but even then I wasn’t a big fan of it, so much wasted space in it. What did it look like in 5v5 tho? I cant remember it.
Still one thing that’s always bothered me in the loading screens which is the 5v5 badge, let me remove that it looks ugly on the splashart and I see no real reason for that badge at all

Yea I like the old screen better it looks sleek and unique

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But why they do dis. C’mon SEMC. C’MON MAN. jeez can we have one update where semc isn’t shooting themselves in the foot completely unnecessarily? Just one. Juuuust one.

When we are on it, they also stopped doing moving elements on the main screen hero… was really nice touch and added to the fluidity/feel. Now it’s just a static image, same as the previous major update.

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I think part of the reason they sis it is because the edges of the slanted frames looked a bit pixilated and ugly, at least on my screen they did (I’m at max graphics settings)

#bringbackoriginalloadingscreen (I’m kidding I know it would look a mess on 5v5)

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I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought the slanted frames were terribly ugly.

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I actually prefer the new loading screen looks cleaner

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The 2 version was decent but the original and 3v3 one takes the cake.

The one we have now has no originality and is way to clunky.

I usually dont have a bone to pic with the forumers but @Sandiha, I totally disagree. The white borders across the top is unnecessary and the AoV has a better loading screen.
If you’re going to copy the style of the regular moba, atleast do it right.

Tbh, I don’t like the white borders either (you can’t see LE skins other than anything else) but otherwise it’s quite decent. I prefer it to the old one.

But hey, are we really arguing about a loading screen? Maybe you’re right, this update was so good this is the only problem we can find with it. We should enjoy the good work SEMC has done and not complain about something minor.

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This isnt meant to be the typical negative post but I personally think its just a thing I think should tbe changed somewhere in the future.

I have the feeling that the Hero mastery and current louding screen are just placeholders until they have more time to get to it. They whole app was changed somehow with alot of changes so Im sure that they didnt have enough time to fully finsh everything.

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True. I hope 3.9 is just a small part of what’s to come.

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