My feedback about the forums!


Personally I love the style and the fresh feel to it and I really appreciate the people who put this together. I’ll definitely be here to support this site in anyway that I can… That being said, I’m still going through things and checking stuff out but as for the front page it seems really hard to distinguish the threads from the categories on a mobile device… This could be just something I need to get use to but as for now that seems to be my only issue. Possibly some sort of border around the categories to make it stand out?

Edit: Also this isn’t needed but it seems to be something I enjoy and possibly other users aswell. I’ve always enjoyed seeing the members online displayed at the bottom of the front page.


Have you tried using the app? Or just on a web browser?

If you go to your respective app store and search for Discourse there will be an official app which you can then add your account to - I’ve found that easier to use on my phone.


Thanks for the fast reply, unfortunately it looks exactly the same in discourse as the web browser.

It’s nothing to terrible just doesn’t seem like the categories are separate from the threads which can be confusing for some.

Edit: it seems in the preference settings I can choose how I want to display the front page, which I chose “New Post” that will hold me over for now.


I just Hate the 30 character limit, it’s very annoying


What 30 character limit? I’m confused.


Won’t let you type under 30 characters for some odd reason just try typing “mhm” and see what it says


Ahh, I see now… I believe this should be removed aswell or atleast lowered.


I see why it’s confusing. It’s a 30 character minimum, not limit lel


Yea, that’s what I meant, thanks for clearing it up


It’s good it exists though, as it would filter out replies that aren’t well thought out


Just my feedback:
I don’t like the background. Just a solid color would be fine.
Maybe a nice banner at the top for art.
But the storm queen and the transparent background is not easy on the eyes.


Or maybe lessen the transparency of the textboxes and increase their size a bit. I’m kinda fine with the background


The long term plan is to have multiple forum backgrounds that are user selectable - so effectively you can have it how you want it.

If you go into your profile preferences I believe you can adjust it there and see some of the trials that we have tried.


The only thing that is missing are creative,usefol, and funny ratings :<


There currently aren’t other themes available, and that’s because of the way the main theme is structured. I’m working with the theme designer to get some of these issues addressed (like the transparent Groups page), but modifying the main theme won’t work, as it is automatically updated and will get overridden.


Whoops! Well then ignore my early post then, unless it gets fixed.


It’ll be possible at some point, but right now the updates are coming pretty frequently, and changes will get overridden unexpectedly. Once the main theme is in a finished state (and it’s getting close), we can start working on our own overrides.