My current feeling about 5v5


I f***in hate it.

But that’s temporary.
The new camera angle is hard to get used to. But I’m confident that once I get used to it, I will be able to enjoy 5v5 and get my hands into the strategy part of it.


How’s 3v3 though? Did the balance changes fork it up? (new forums new me less swearing :P)


Are you uncomfortable with both camera angles?


@Zazukai churnwalker’s A cast speed buff makes him annoying :slight_smile: (in 3v3)


Yeah every time SEMC drops an update it’s right when I leave school. Really wish I could get that first hand experience but nooooo, appstore won’t update with data. :unamused:


Hope they fix that app store problem D: @Zazukai


I’m more comfortable with the low angle but the high angle seems to provide more vision.
What do you guys use?


Wait what do you mean by “low angle” and “high angle”? Is there another option besides locked cam and freecam?


I personally use the high view more since I’m more used to top-down or side-scroller layouts.


I’m using the lower angle, FWIW – the higher one feels like I’m in a drone above the battlefield


Same. The low angle is also closer to the 3v3 angle.
I think the little vision you lose in the bottom corner is worth the familiarity.


That new zoomed in camera looks pretty good for some close shots but isn’t practical to play on.
I just couldn’t play Lance with that angle no matter how hard I tried.


The zoom-in feature now changes camera angle as well pham :kissing_cat: