Much salt djdndjebsj

Fiiine I’ll keep the emmer effing language pg. I just wanna leave these screenshots to drive my salty point of view home that Koshka REALLY needs to be fixed.

Now this is real salt…

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Lmfao, don’t quit the game because you’re getting sacked by a broken Koska. Also, nice username.

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what exactly were u building lmao

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Sorry had to make a new account to reply 'cause they silenced me on here. Anyways, my builds vary a bit and depend on who I’m facing. I have my own CP build as well as the less common WP Samuel build(which I have gone 19 and 2 with). But if you take a look at those screenshots you’ll see that my build is not the issue. I highlighted the issue. Its a technical issue that derived from update 2.12. The devs have broken characters that even a noob can pickup and completely destroy with.

We didn’t silence you. The system picked you up as an anti-spam measure.

That said, could you change your forum name, please? I suggest your ign, whatever that is. The goal of this place is to be one for productive and helpful conversations. We have a salt mine for letting off some steam, but that should be exception, not the norm, for how people interact here. If your forum name is all salt, then that’s against the mission of this forum. I think you can change it on your own through your profile settings, but if you have trouble let me know.


Fair enough. The other one was pretty much a spam account. Made that one in a fit of rage yesterday.

They arent broken. They are just strong. Ive beaten koshkas and ive lost as a koshka too. There are quite a few heroes that counter her. And the build definitely is a problem. Your first image had sc, tb, tt and sm. And just so you know a good cp samuel can beat a koshka.

Right, strong as in broken. Yeah they’re killable but its rare. Koshka is fast and powerful, which okay that wasn’t terrible 'cause she WAS squishy. Then they decided “let’s give her a barrier buff with one of her skills. SeemsGood” no. Now she’s not squishy. There’s no balance in that. Define “beat a Koshka”. Do you mean in a 1v1 match where she has to lane or just caught up somewhere in a 1v1 where it depends on the terrain and other factors? Also that build is the same build I’ve gone 19 and 2 with and spanked the CP Samuel on the other team. The build is not the problem. I stand by that. The character balances are off. You have roamers playing the roles of laners. And junglers too. That’s how you know the character balances are off. Is when anything goes.

She’s getting nerfed.

Her ult is also one of the easiest to block.

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That’s some good news. Yeah, and that’s one thing I do gotta get better at is when to use my block. Stopped including it in my builds 'cause I sucked butt at that. But also her ult recharge is only like 60sec. Can’t remember the recharge time for the aegis but isn’t it longer than 60sec?

The build is a different issue. I m not relating it with koshka. And giving heroes “flexibility” doesnt mean their balances are off. And by beat a koshka i m talking about beating her in 3v3 where shes even stronger. Ive beaten koshkas with gwen and even saw. Ive seen koshkas lose to reims and kruls. A baptiste/lance/churnwalker roam screws her really bad too. CP bf beats her, then theres late game fortress, glaive, grumpjaw, rona, wp joule, ozo. If we have equal skills on both sides, then all these heroes will beat a koshka. You can call a hero broken when they start beating their counters for eg atm alphas beating reim, especailly wp alphas.

We’ll never be at the same conclusion with this one. What you call giving her flexibility I call her becoming a very broken, overpowered character. She didn’t need any extra flexibility. She was fine before the buff. I just full on laned with her against a Ringo and spanked the hell out of him AND, I don’t even use Koshka. That was probably my 10th match ever using her…I’ve seen 19 new characters come into the game since I’ve been playing this. And see the thing with any of the matchups is that you don’t know what character your opponents are choosing until you’re already in the match. So sure you could think of all the different characters that’ll play well against her but you don’t know if she’s even gonna be in the match. Maybe I wanted to play my favorite character who I can go up against any other character except Koshka. And then, “oops, low and behold, there’s a Koshka in this match.”

If shes this broken id see her every game, which i dont. She isnt broken. Broken was varya when she came out. If you think koshka is as strong as varya then you could call her broken. I havent seen any koshka bans in draft lol.

Well too be fair, early game Koshka is ridiculous if someone knows how to keep up the early game pressure with her.

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Why is she broken? What i see on this is someoneone good and ducking and last hitting in teamfights

Ummm… get gud and counter build. Not a single one of your teammates have any defense and you wanna cry saying someone is OP. FFS! Everyone you play is OP without defense. Ringo did and he went 16/9. Even Koshka had defense.

Koshka sucks late game so just git gud at that time, early game just avoid her or whatever

Avoiding her early game is not easy to do. Especially when you don’t know when she’s gonna show up and also if they engage a team fight early on. She doesn’t suck late game if they’re pummeling you early game ‘cause then she’s getting that much more play time than you to earn gold and finish her build, meanwhile you’re dead staring at the respawn time like, "cmon cmon cmon cmon she’s takin’ a turret"

As much as I don’t already like you 'cause of your “get gud” right off the bat, I do admit that i need to work on counter building better and my defense. I’ve become very offense driven lately.