Muahaha! You can't run from me!

I finally maxed out Fortress Rare Talent just today. Now I’ll get Glory for his section in the Daily 5 Talent Chest instead! One step closer to my glorious Glory farm! (Feat maxed Flicker Epic Talent, it’s the first Epic I’ve maxed a few months ago, lol).


Wouldn’t want to fight you


“One cannot fight what one does not see.” - Flitwick “Flicker” Stingsplatter IV, Doctor of Entomology. :^)

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Woah I didn’t know you would get glory after maxing a talent. How much glory do you get? I might want to invest in it.

I’m not sure what are the Glory payouts are exactly for all the rarities.

I’m also not sure if these payouts are affected by Glory boosting boosts. An experiment I’ll conduct later, now that I have a way to guarantee a payout will occur.

I have screenshots of the Glory I got for Epic talents (Flicker’s) from a month or two ago.

I’ll post the Glory payout for Rare Talents tomorrow when I put Fortress through the Daily 5 Talent Chest.

Wtf that’s alot of glory!

I should have just maxxed a rare lmao farm glory every day

The ones in the screenshots are Flicker’s Epic Talent Coin being replaced by Glory.

I’ll post the Glory I get from tomorrow’s chest if Fortress Rare coin drops.

i wonder what happens if you get enough coins to max a talent but haven’t maxed it

You will get the Glory payout instead. It happened to me while I haven’t maxed Flicker’s Epic Talent.

I originally thought that maxing out a Talent, be it in literal terms or maxing the amount of Coins; will increase the probability of (or certainly will) getting the other Talents.

Turns out I was wrong and got a pleasant suprise instead in the form of Glory.

wow that’s glorious"…

An interesting thing to note… I’ve spent 215, 850+ Glory on Talents alone…

For a more detailed breakdown on how the Glory have been spent on Talents, visit this thread on the subreddit here.

I’ve made a table calculating all the Glory I’ve spent on what Talents in the comment section.

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why i don’t play blitz 30303030

Grins madly as the Blitz captain.

So, to those who were asking what’s the Glory pay out for Rare Talents, here’s the screenshot of today’s drop.

I think it’s roughly 10 Glory per Rare Talent Coin, so it might be different each day.

Also, when I got Fortress mission done in the latest Event, it gave me 330 Glory in exchange for the 10 Rare Talent Coin I would have gotten if the Rare Talent wasn’t maxed out.

is mjalenes rare really that good? i have her epic at level 5 and i want to know whether i shoudl bother urading ehr rareor i should jus tuse the legendary

Well, I think her Rare Talent is fine, albeit requires a bit of courage (or idiocy on the part of the enemy team) to use.

First, it makes so that her shadow B does two instances of damage.
Second, the Talent increases the damage to 160%, while decreasing the cool down 71%.
So, if the Malene uses her Shadow B and stacks them one on top of the other, it’ll do a big chunk of damage.

The tricky part is getting enemies to stay on them and the fact that most players use her shadow B as an escape, not an offence tool.

The Legendary is nice, but you have to remember that its overall cost in terms of Glory is much bigger and the likelihood of maxing it out in a reasonable period that isn’t 2 years plus is low.

Overall, I think her Rare Talent is easiest to use since it doesn’t change her play style as much.
Her Epic is the trickier of the three since it pushes enemies away. Sure, it’s utility is unmatched, but it must be coupled with a good degree of skill, tactical positioning and cooperation with team mates. It’s also has the least stats increase aside from dumping more into it’s utility: Damage 110%, Duration 1.5s (of fear).

The Legendary is the sweetest of them all, aiding not only Malene, but also her team mates. It’s probably one of those Talents one would pick to go with specific team mates - like Phinn and Krul who will appreciate the speed, or Idris and Kestrel, who could use a slight barrier to keep them alive just for a little bit longer and enable them to chase or escape as well. Plus, it’s easily one of the most unexpected ones that can dish out a decent amount of damage is everyone is clumped up together, and it’s also one of the few ways one can surprise enemies since it can apply item effects through its damage. Here are it’s max stats: Barrier 200%, Damage 800 (imagine all three heroes in burst their bubble near an enemy. Smack 2400 damage and dead, lol.)

Overall, I think it’s best you chose what you like to use the most.

My preference is her Legendary > Epic > Rare, though they are are usable since Malene is so versatile with her kit.

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Ohooo so i guess its time for me to upgrad kestrel E to lvl 9 n 10.

Well, here’s todays drop from the Daily 5 Talent Chest.

It seems that this drop is not affected by Glory Boosters. I had these on at the time of collection.

Guess this also means that the value isn’t as static.
The base value may just be 7, since the likelihood of only 1 Rare Talent Coin dropping in that chest is very unlikely.

It seems that it is really only worth getting Glory through the chest when one has a four heroes with their Rare and Epic Talents, if not all, maxed out. The fifth slot can be any hero you like. I keep it interchangeable depending on my whims and needs.

The number of Coins dropped really doesn influence the Glory obtained.

From experience, the amount of Rare Coins dropped through the Chest can range from 2 to 9, hence why my first Glory drop for Fortress Rare yesterday was so big. He rolled a 9, lol. And also why todays one is so small. He rolled a 2 :stuck_out_tongue:

As for Epics, I assume 1 to 4 Coins can drop, with the Glory base value being 330 Glory. This fits considering the drops I had for Flicker’s Epic is 990 and 1320, both a multiple of 330 (3 and 4 respectively).

I think only 1 Legendary Talent Coin can drop from the chest, but don’t quote me on that. I’ll keep levelling up my Talents. Maybe we’ll see how much Glory a Legendary Talent Coin will give from the Chest in… maybe a year or two, kek.