Most toxic talent to play against

Apologies for adding to a topic that hasn’t received a reply in 25 days, but I have a new toxic talent to add to this list: San Feng’s epic talent.

I’m not sure the exact numbers, but yesterday I was against someone who had his epic talent at level 10. I believe I read it made his B cool down 4%!?!?

As a hero that uses no energy, he literally was casting it back-to-back-to-back-to-back… All … Game. He constantly had fortified health. He maxed his B so he was cc immune casting it. He went Capt build so he was already tanky. The B is still strong enough to keep clearing our minion waves so we were always under pressure of losing our turret. He was literally invincible. It’s kind of funny… But kind of not …

Yes, it’s a 4% when maxed with bonus damage and a slow. I personally find the legendary one stronger, as you have always FH, CC inmunity and the enemy can’t attack you.

More proof (as if we needed it) that talents were the worst thing SEMC ever did … (and that’s saying something)

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Just imagine what type of talents Caine is going to get :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:

The only broken talent I use is Lyras Rare and buy two shatter glasses at the start of the game.

Execution when they are below 90% health with 1 sec cool down and the execution is in AoE :slight_smile:

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well the second comment in this thread was Skyefall saying this exact thing soooooooooooooo


:man_facepalming: doh. My bad. Thanks for pointing that out.

it might just highlight how toxic this talent actually is though if you can’t help but respond, 25 days later hahah

Just adding this now … Miho’s legendary talent. Ridiculously toxic. You can have some success against it popping a :vgitem_crucible: or :vgitem_aegis: to prevent her ultimate from providing stacks. But the 2 additional charges already existing… it’s so toxic when she lands her Ult and it hits all 3 of you you… it grants her SIX dashed of damage and invulnerability… yikes.


Agree. It’s even more annoying than Ylva’s L talent.

My top 3 most toxic talents to play against now…

  1. Kensei Epic
  2. Miho Legendary
  3. San Feng Epic
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SF epic worse than the legendary? How?

It’s more of a brain-dead skill. With the A, you can simply not attack San Feng to proc it more. The enemy user can simple re-cast B, over, and over, and over, and over, and just bully the lane. Takes literally -5 skill.

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