Most toxic talent to play against

If you’re against this talent then i really feel for you cause you might not be able to move the whole game.


Uhhh have you seen tai lung’s (san feng) epic? It has a 4% cd at lvl10, essentially making it a 0 second cd.

It’s equal too or even worse than genji’s (kensei’s) E10, since if you overdrive the b, you’re immune to negative effects and the b is like an atlas with the talent.

I hate it so much make you afk too long :joy::joy::joy::joy:

It’s like Morgana first skill from lol 3 second root but lorelai 5 second afk.

Epic kensei need nerf I can’t counter him especially lvl10.


kensei is invulnerable to damage, but he can still get cc’d even when invulnerable. Fight toxic with toxic, get someone who stuns a lot and for long periods of time. Huh, lorelai might do the trick.

They all build Celestial Shroud though. They can just take your objectives and you’ll never be able to counter it because that means giving up the lane.

I haven’t seen a genji build celestial shroud, though and ez fix would be to get someone who can stun frequently so you can proc and get rid of it.

You can’t be touched at level 10 because the invulnerability lasts longer than the cooldown. That means zero counterplay against a Kensei with Celestial Shroud.

This is precisely the problem with talents, both as a concept and in the half-assed way that SEMC has implemented them: they break any sort of balance the game has, and the stronger ones are no fun at all to play against.

Why would you INTENTIONALLY make your game LESS fun for some of the people playing it?

It boggles the mind.

I agree with you, epic kensei zero skill not fun.

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I don’t think you understand. You can stun genji even if he’s invulnerable, meaning you have a window of time to do damage to him before he can use his b again.

Also, idk if it was a silent nerf or always like this, but he only gains the invulnerability AFTER he jumps backwards, no earlier. Timing it right could stun him from even landing and gaining invulnerability to begin with. If not, stunning him right before he can re cast b should be sufficient to try and do some dmg.

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You do know that Celestial Shroud makes you invulnerable to crowd control while it’s up, right? Also, I just said that at level 10, the invulnerability window lasts longer than the cooldown on B.

What part are you not understanding?

If Kensei’s B granted him 3 seconds of invulnerability with a 3 second cooldown, You still have a window of time to stun him right before the invulnerability duration finishes so that his b isn’t on cooldown anymore but he’s stunned, so you can do damage. This period only finishes once kensei uses his b and lands backwards, in which then invulnerability is granted.

3 sec invulnerability 3 sec cd /=/ 0 net damage

I keep telling you that the invulnerability window lasts longer than the cooldown. I don’t have all of the numbers, but the invulnerability is two seconds and B is less than half of that with max cooldown. You can regain your invulnerability before the first invulnerability window wears off.

He’s telling you that the invulnerability window is longer than the cooldown of his B. You’re telling him to CC him. He replies telling you that Celestial Shroud exists which basically removes that weakness. And for me to put some input Celestial Shroud may not proc on damage abilities because of his invulnerability. Kensei with lvl 10 Epic is an invulnerable mess.

Passive Weapon Power +19%, Cooldown 37.5%, Duration 2s This is the stats I found on the talent google doc for kensei’s b.

His B maxed out has a cd of 6 seconds, so a 37.5% cd would be 2.25 seconds recast. If he build like 1 ssw, then it be even less, but this is not counting the small window of animation before you regain invulnerability.

So yes, maxxing cdr might give true invulnerability, but I doubt it.

35% + 37.5% = 72.5%

.275 x 6 = 1.65

The small window where he jumps literally nothing will kill him during that moment. It comes down to how well you can cycle your B and use your fortified health perfectly.

They’d need to build 2 ssw to get that max cdr but yea

CS cant be proc during his epic talent invulnerability, and as it lasts forever It has no counterplay. Cant be damaged nor cced. The invulnerability lasts more than the cooldown.