Most important position

So what are your thoughts?

Personally I believe jungle, followed by roam then lane. My logic is that early game dominance in he jungle helps to achieve objectives and more importantly a gold lead early on. Solid rotations from your jungler, and super from the road to mitigate Hank’s is vital to avoid snowballs.

However you do need competent laners who can a- hold their lanes, b - ensure said lanes are pushed before split pushing etc.

Honest bottom lane. The way i have seen my games play out is the enemy gives up their lane to dominate the middle, except the jungler. The jungler tends to try and push their top lane while the others are all in a cluster exploited deleted. This allows a good bottom laner to take out the jungler and push the bottom lane to turretless than ping your team to bum rush it.

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Jungle for sure. If the jungler can rotate smarter, your team will take control and can pick up fight whenever you want

Any fed aoe CP laner will dominate. Be it mid or top
Junglers and certain captains make a huge difference too.

Wp laners are strong early and mid game and can possibly snowball but most lack aoe damage. Gwen is such a power house because she is an aoe WP hero.

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I agree with jungle first. If you have a jungle and support who knows how to rotate then you should be able to win. Then center lane, because that needs more rotation to get 2 carries in a lane to push and have jungle/support defend center lane. Its all in the rotation.

1)Jungle 2) Center Lane 3)Support 4) Bottom Lane 5) Top Lane

I think Mid Lane makes the most impact in the game as it progresses so in my opinion it is most important. Although the jungler helps get an early gold lead, it will be the Mid laner that will finish and continue to make the team become successful starting from the Mid Game onwards(etc, where they get there 2 item powerspike. Ex. in Celeste= SG + CLockwork or in Kestrel: SF/SG + Shatterglass/Clock work)
They are what makes the most impact in teamfights as well, as their AOE damage enables them to hit about 3-5 members of the enemy team everytime, also ending up to do the most damage.
For example, me as a Celeste(who practically did the most damage) did about 80 000 points of damage in total in one particualr game, while the second highest did only 50 000 in comparison.


I think junglers have the largest impact since their rotations (+damage) can effect every lane. A good jungler can swing the game or lane into their team’s favour by applying pressure. Roam is second most important as jungler for the same reasons though they have less damage.

Technicallly this would make laners the least important but problem is that I’ve had many games where a laner who can’t hold their lane, can allow the enemy to snowball. Focus and support gets diverted to cover up the laner’s mistakes leading to less attention being given to the other lanes which the enemy can exploit.

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If you talking about a team , jungler is important because they can farm
In soloq junglers are the worst because nobody letting you farm and they take your buffs which makes you useless .

In soloq the best is mid lane , because of the river so if you able to manage the waves , you can push top or bottom lane easy , taking enemy mid lane turret is a big pressure early game because you can control the game .


As a person who struggles a lot in soloque, Mid Lane is both the most contested and most critical position. In a team, a good jungler will probably make more difference, but not by a lot. Mid Lane is the best lane to roam from. Its also the most likely to draw pressure from other enemies. So if you have a bad mid laner you are virtually guaranteed to lose the game already, because they won’t hold up under the strain. Your team effectively gets divided in two between top and bottom when your midlaner is flailing. They are also more often positioned to help the jungler than either top or bot laners, statistically. You are also less likely to run into a purely bad midlane matchup and are more poised to steal the enemy CP buff than your top laner for the enemy WP buff.


Interesting points re the midlane and I can understand why people put so much emphasis on it. I agree that a bad mid laner can cause problems; also agree that poor laners in general who can’t hold a lane 1v1 are a real problem.

How can you tell how much total damage you’ve done??

Look it up on a site like VGPro… you’ll find decent mid laners usually do the most DMG in game.

This is because Mid are typically CP AOE heroes like Samuel, Celeste, Varya, Vox, etc. Even with the DE nerf they are going to pump out the most damage by the nature of being AOE and there being 5 enemies. I could see a few more Samuel like nerfs for this class in the future (small % decreases).