Mortis, Scion of The Shadows (Hero Concept)


Made a hero concept, please give some feedback. I tried to make this hero as original as possible, drawing no inspiration from anywhere, so similarities from anything is 100% coincidental and a little unfortunate due to my goal of being original. I will answer any questions regarding his kit to anyone confused, but i tried my best to elaborate as much as i could in the slides.


That’s a pretty nice idea,and will explained. As for originality, I’m trying to find something to compare his apparition effect to, and I can’t think of anything. However, I do think the numbers might be a bit low. It could heal more than 1.5% with a 3% cap imo.


i don’t really want him to be too tanky, he already has a lot of base health and 3% every basic attack can be underestimated. Phinn’s legendary talent heals him for 7% of his maximum health every second, and assuming Mortis probably attacks more than once every second on average, it can really heal a lot of health. Otherwise, i really appreciate your feedback! Apparition is a mechanic i thought of when i was thinking of why there aren’t any alternating current bruisers in Vainglory.