MLBB’s Guinevere

You mean like Guinevere? The reason she is meta is because she was OP. Before they added her CC immunity in her ult, she was already powerful. Granting heroes CC immunity is a lazy way of making heroes viable.

When she comes out she was ez to counter A tier after some patches she was B tier and because they made KOF skin for her moontoon buff her ult immune to cc

She was bad when comes out I mean in mythic just use purify she dead

Guinevere when comes out op coz no one know how counter her

now it’s ez for me even with immune to cc she can’t carry the game if enemy team use purify or pick diggie

She’s powerful when she was released. People just didn’t know how to play her at the time of her release. And she was not easy to counter. She has 2 long ranged dashes reliable for escaping. While Purify is a counter to her, players don’t use it most of the time, even when enemies have a lot of hard CC.

Idk about your rank but most mythics use purify when faced heavy cc or guin or pick diggie

Epics /legends don’t know how to draft or items counter that why she op