Missy Franklin Retires

This may be of no concern to the forum community here, but in case any of you have a connection to sports and to the sport of simmer, figured I’d share this and provide the following link.

A bit about me personally: I am a professional competitive swimming coach. I primarily work at the club level, with athletes ages 13 to 18, but I also have experience working with younger ages and athletes at the division 1 college level. An amazingly positive and humble athlete. A role model to all. While bittersweet, this news is not suprising to me being someone who has followed her career, in my opinion, is a bit overdue. The pain was taking it’s toll, and it was evident to those not within her circle.

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To keep going through both physical and mental problems is an amazing effort, and when one is constantly being watched by the media it’s even harder. Being able to open up and talk about it is even more impressive, which is what makes this quite inspirational.

I’m not a swimmer, but I do like my sport: I played cricket for Switzerland u15 on a tour to England and won player of the year award at my club in my second year of u17. While I took a break from cricket after moving to the UK, I hope to get back to it this year (though probably not competitively). I’ve also trained with the SSTR5, a swiss regional sailing team and part of Swiss olympic, which I did as a Laser Radial sailor. Recently, I’ve been doing a lot of solo outdoor sports (mainly Sailing, Skiing, Cycling and Climbing) and hope to be reaching instructor level in both sailing and Skiing in 2019.