Mission Accomplished [all your Gwen are belong to me, almost]

Took me all 30 pulls to get Snow Bunny and all 50 to get Festive, but all Gwen skins must be mine, so … worth it. :rbgwen:


Looks gorgeous, I even think to buy the battle pass for the level 100 gwen skin. Love her as a hero + her skins are great (even the default one is actually really really good compared to a lot of other heroes default one). Previous season I pass on the battle pass as I have a lot of great krul skins and didn’t really desired that much the cyber ones… but gwen new one is actually great. :heart_eyes:


Nice! :rbgwen:

Have you tried them in-game yet??

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Hahahahaha … nice edit there, Hipster :rofl:


IMO, the best part is the skedaddle sounds, like if you were walking in the snow, it reminds me of the very few time I had snow here :slight_smile:

Meanwhile, I’m still waiting for them to fix the golden chests to see if I get the new content.

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Replay on iOS is still badly broken … I only managed to get this screenshot before all the animated items disappeared from the replay. But this skin is beautiful in game, especially on my beloved winter map!


Grace looks like “sex” too. :sunglasses:
great skins. ^^

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Bunny hero best hero

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Graces model there looks so nice. All of Gwen’s skins gives off a James Bond theme, sexy and deadly bunny on a mission


My favourite grace skin is the default one too (same for gwen)… got both the rare and the legendary one. Actually I even dislike the legendary (was epic chest unlock) and prefer the default vs the rare.

Edit: fun fact, grace looks a lot better ingame vs the splash art.


Managed to get a couple more images despite the broken asf iOS replay camera. Snow Bunny is cute, but I like the Festive skin so very much!

How much is a se price actually?

Okay, so the PC replay system works MUCH better than the mobile one … Here’s Black Diamond Gwen for your consideration!

I bet it’s gonna be 300 opals since the skin itself is Epic tier, unless they make it event exclusive

not having all the grumpjaw skins is a sin :lanceheresy:

Also please donate your currency to me you have so much of everything and i have so little of anything ;;;;;;;;;-;

gl with that, all the skins they said will be for opals are still locked with ICE/blueprint only! And it’s not only a new update, but a new season too. :slight_smile:

i.e. It can take a while for the skins to be available for opals, maybe half a year even.

All you need is gimpjaw. Fkdkkdkdkdkdkd

That didn’t use to be the case, what happened?

Dunno, waited for all the skins that was stated to be available for opals next season (and I think it was next patch, but let’s be the most optimistic for SEMC as i don’t recall and have work to search for), it’s next season and they are still ICE/blueprint only.

The reasoning is simple, people have opals, SEMC want’s money, SEMC creates great skins, SEMC refuse to transition them for opals soon as they wan’t more money grab. For example I spend 2600 ICE for the idris skin, waiting for the malene and flicker ones and so on… I have 2500+ opals, 100k glory, 120k essence. :slight_smile: ICE and mostly ICE buy only RNG is everything now. Currencies like opals that you can get in big amount only via real money spend (with grind you will get one SE skin in a year…) - are no value for SEMC. After all, you already give them your money, do it again. :slight_smile:

Just wanted to remind that this happened to with SP Fortress, which was turned to Opals after a week or so.

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