Missed rewards

Had been playing for a few days waiting for the upgrade screen to pop up, leveling season level as usual while the season timer is in constant 0. Checked the App Store today and realized the update was out 3 days ago and somehow the upgrade screen did not appear to stop me from playing.

So all these days I had been playing on 3.0 while the world is on 3.1. Since when they removed the force upgrade screen?

According to some people they kept 3.0 servers live in case of an emergency.

Dont worry the rewards aren’t that great, and 3.1 is so full of issues the update should have been pushed back at least 1 to 2 weeks with a optional beta upgrade

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Today’s reward said it was 10 rare petal talents. Don’t worry, like @Satanicsoldier said you aren’t missing much.

AFAIK you would play vs other people in 3.0, and don’t see the people in 3.1

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Heads up luck 3.0 players you will be forced to update