Misfits leaving VG



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Just assume the pro scene is dead.
I can’t be bothered since I have never watched. Why watch others play when you can play yourself…

Another one.


Wait, how is your reply under 30 chars?

You shall never figure it out xdxdxdxd a magician never reveals their secrets

@hazeleyes, @NinjaBryden is hacking

No u

It’s 3 effing characters
@hazeleyes tell me how or rito!

Also all of them are saying they will stay in the mobile esport… I guess pubg or fort, or even AOV(less likely).

If you type a certain character repeatedly, it shortens it. It’s an anti-spam measure that also bypasses the 30 character anti-spam measure

For example, I will type alot of “?”'s like @NinjaBryden did, it will only show three



His text is in bold which affects the amount of characters.

It doesnt matter, we’ll see new esports teams.

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Hey guys at least there are spots open now.