Miracles do happen

I just saw a advertisement for vainglory on instagram…


Why saltmine?

I am fairly sure the video they have been using on twitter recently will be an ad on places like youtube shortly.

This one: https://twitter.com/vainglory/status/962838665935204353

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I really wasn’t sure we’re to put it, I apologize. I just looked at the video on twitter and yes it was that exact video.

Well probably because no category really suits it to be fair - I’ve moved it to 5v5 - which is stretching it I’ll admit.

I think this must belong to Off-Topics

Its an option but it is on the topic of Vainglory - its just about the marketing of VG and making reference to the oft voiced complaint that VG doesn’t advertise.

i SAW a post about last person posting in old Vainglory forum -> I thought that if a post doesn’t directly say about the game, it must belong in Off_topic

Usually off topic is reserved for radically off topic stuff like forum games, the books people like to read, discussing other games that sort of thing.

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