Milestones in ARAM

Got my 2000th ARAM win just now! Amazingly, I was 1999-1999 going into this match, and I was really hoping to get a win so I’d be at least .500 when I got to my 4000th match … and we did it! Our team dominated start to finish, and I had a good game as Nidalee (in her spiffy new swimsuit, too!).

A funny anecdote from the match above: the first ult that Sylas stole was mine. Guess what that got him?

He got to turn into a leopard.

That’s it :rofl: (Without any of Nidalee’s abilities, turning into a leopard is useless.)

4000 matches

Another milestone this morning: my 4000th match! It’s crazy to think that I hadn’t played even a single ARAM prior to 18 months ago!