Miho is able to get through Lyra’s Bright Bulwark

**I am having a problem with Miho gettingthroug the barrier. No other enemy heroes are above to except Miho. Please fix **

Hi! It seems it’s been a while since you’ve posted, so welcome back! Are you the same @Valorien that sometimes streams gameplay on Twitch?

I am having the same issue - however, I do not believe it’s a bug. I believe it’s part of Miho’s “balanced” kit that allows her to become invincible as she dashes. She’s able to break through any barrier, it seems. The first I discovered this, I was extremely disappointed. I had picked Lyra to for that exact reason. It’s a nerf Miho could use for sure.

In regard to providing feedback to SEMC, the game developer/creators themselves, visit Vainglory’s website, and go the support page, and click submit request. For your convenience, check this out:

Miho’s A is a blink not a dash meaning she can go trough Lyra’s B or Baptiste’s B, Idris can do the same with A when he unlocks his weapon perk.

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Ah - thank you for the clarification. Well, then I’d like to see it become a dash. Well, I’d like to see her L talent be eliminated. really. Ha!

Well Miho’s Reizan is considered a blink ability just like Anka’s Eviscerate and Idris’s Shroud step.

Blinks are different from dashes since they teleport a user to a location rather than have them dash. Therefore they ignore many ability that snare or block dashes since the hero isn’t necessarily dashing, they are instead just entering and exiting from one location to another.

Hope this makes sense

No, it does. Thanks again. I just feel for Miho’s kit, a blink just makes it extra OP when it’s not needed. It’d still be very strong if it was a dash, but would allow for some counter play. Especially since the stacks last for a while.

@Lebatron Actually, its programmed as a dash with a 0.3s delay that makes her invulnerable. This changes things because for example Anka wont be able to stop ringo’s ult, but Miho does. As explain in the example above, a dash with invulnerability is often better than a blink (It also allows you to bodyblock while Anka cant).

@Valorien her A grants her invulnerability, so she isnt affected by It. Think if It like BF’s ult.


I read a comment in Reddit from someone in the PBE , he mentioned that she can get out of baptiste B and that’s very good , imagine someone like Lyra has a teleport ult and still get stunned from baptiste B but Miho can get out easily .

I think the biggest issue is being able to bodyblock. It’s one thing to be able to get out of certain abilities but to also bodyblock during the teleport/dash is kinda annoying. I like knowing that if I am facing an enemy with a potential blink and I use a skillshot ability, if I’m facing two of them, that there’s at least a chance the ability could hit the guy that can’t teleport, but her ability changes that. Means you could potentially build her tanky and just soak stuff up with her abilities and take advantage of stun if you really wanted to.