Miho Concept Art by Alex Chen

Ok I was disappointed that Miho had no originality but since both Shin and Alex said that was the point, to be a literal anime swordswoman, Im fine with her character design.

Ill take Miho as a spin-off of the VG Lore where Raphtalia was cloned and transported to the VG realm.


She still looks good and well designed

That katana :open_mouth:


Not a fan honestly she looks very bland and the white things on her legs (spats?) annoy me (irrationally)

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I can’t tell if this implies you’ve read the ln/wn or this is complete coincidence.

Also, Miko raphtalia ftw

:hushed: wait what??!?!?!?



The web novel (wn) and light novel (ln) are the the novels that the manga, and by extension, the anime ofc, are based off of. The wn was basically just a first draft of the story that got refined in the ln.
but without going into spoilers, your raph theory is entirely possible based on the wn.