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[2.12] Popular Strats: Text explaining popular rotations and such

[2.12] Popular Comps: Dive comps

Notable Heroes:

  • [3.0] Top: Joule, Glaive, Reza
  • [3.0] Mid: Samuel, Vox, Skaarf, Celeste
  • [3.0] Bot: Vox, Gwen
  • [3.0] Jungle: Alpha, Krul, Koshka, Samuel.
  • [3.0] Captain: Fortress, Ardan, Lorelai, Catherine

With the new jungle and the overpowered SpellFire, the mid lane can’t get any hotter. Most matches have been decided in first 10 mins since it depends on how efficiency the mid laner and the captain can roam around the map.

First, lets talk about our shining heroes in Top. First, there is our Glaive, although he has been nerfed a lot in 2.12 patch, we can’t deny his durable body and the ability to insect the enemy WP Carry to turret (since in 5v5 Top will fight against enemy Bot). However, Joule is getting more and more popular than ever! The buff on her B has increased her damage output throughout the game and now, with a proper player’s skill, she can delete enemy carry in 3 secs. Moreover, there is a bug on Joule that HER JUMP WILL NOT LEAVE A MARK ON THE GROUND IF SHE JUMPS ON TOP RIVER so Joule is now used as a snowball tool for quick game.

Second, we comes to mid laners. With the change to SpellFire, nukers in Vainglory has returned with a new title: ASSASSIN. After clearing the lane quickly, mid laner and captain will roam around the map for ganking and with the new SpellFire, they have their gaking success rate above 75% if enemies not warded carefully. Although Vox can’t use the SpellFire, he is still popular since he can clear the wave faster than others.

Third, let’s talk about bot-laners. With the change to Tension Bow and Gwen, now she has came back again with the ability to burst very high damage in early game. For people with higher ranks, we reccommend the more-fashionable boots to her, Teleportation Boots, which allows her to split push and join gank early. However, the stats it gives is pretty crap so low rank players should think carefully before buying it.

For jungle, with the nerf on assassins, now we reccommend some heroes than can clear the jungle fast and start ganking early before 2:30. In here, Aftershock still prove their usefulness when facing high-health jungle camps.

For captain, they need to be a mobile heroes who can roam frequently without ease. They will start at mid and stay there until 5:00 and starts ganking with mid-laners. From here, you can have various strategy depending on heroes you play, with Fortress, you will have more ganking capability but with Ardan and Catherine, you can protect the carry more effciently in late game while still can secure kills if ganking with mid-laners in early game. Lorelai is also an interesting choice with her ultility kit which protects teammates and developing split-push strategy.

  • BlueLycan

[3.0] Notable Items:

After the changes from Zekent which reduces the time needed to deal 100% damage to enemy heroes and applies mortal wound without any price increase, SpellFire is now the core items for most of Nukers building CP path now. With AOE Mortal Wound and DPS, SpellFire can be used to make a team combat, ganking and snowball early while secure the kills. Note: remember to rush SpellFire first, even you don’t have money to buy boots.

  • BlueLycan

Popular Drafts: Text explaining popular draft strats (VOID UNTIL 5V5 DRAFT)

Hero Overview

Below are primary roles as well as purposes and what they mean

Primary Roles:

  • Top: often melee heroes who can suistain damage or assassinate enemy carry quickly.
  • Mid: often CP Carry who is a wave cleaner to provide ganking after 5:00.
  • Bot: often WP Carry who has high DPS or high burst damage to ensure damage output when taking objectives or teamfight.
  • Jungler: people who farm in jungle early game, gank and rotate a lot in mid game and split push in late game (since they have to give others most of the buffs)
  • Captain: Support mid laner until 5:00 or have their first core items, warding objectives and protecting WP carry in teamfight.
  • Flexible: often a combination 2-3 of previous roles. For example: Baptise can be jungler but also can act as semi-captain by buying 2nd Fountain and Atlas Pauldron. In combat he would stand next to CP Carry to ensure their damage. These people, who have to carry 2-3 jobs at the same time, are Flexible.


  • Tank (Absorbs a great amount of damage. Mostly able to provide peel for squishier team mates)
  • Bruiser/Mage-Bruiser (Can take an alright amount of damage, but deals high sustained damage from close up)
  • Utility (Provide either CC, great vision control, etc for the team. Used to turns the tide of team fight!)
  • Initiator (Heroes that tend to start fights)
  • Carry (Ranged heroes that are main damage dealers)
  • Artillery (Very good at taking objectives or can stay way back and still be very useful)
  • Protector (Heroes that heal or provide some sort of defense for allies)
  • Assassin/Ranged-Assassin (Heroes that rely on burst damage or are very maneuverable)
  • Disabler (heroes with lots of CC/hard CC or their CC is reliable)
  • Disengage (heroes with the abilities to dodge ganking, break engagement or helping them and their teammate retreat easily).
  • Wave Cleaner (heroes with AOE abilities to clear the wave/jungle camps quickly. Allows team’s formation to be re synchronized and develop strategy for ganking or pushing)

HERO FORMAT [Role(s)/Purpose/] Text explaining the hero’s current state and effective way to use them. Make sure to have a pros and cons list.

[3.0] image [Captain, Laner/Utility, Protector]
Lorelai is a somewhat viable ranged support in 2.12. Despite receiving a longer cooldown on her ultimate, Waterwall, the barrier is still very strong and can save your allies at a moment’s notice. In 5v5, supports seem to be leaning into building 1-2 damage items on top of their standard roam builds. Lorelai takes advantage of this with her passive and Fish Food, which provides a stun and AoE damage over time; additionally, this damage is quite high compared to other supports. Also, with a larger map on the Rise, her Spashdown helps give much more team-wide mobility, helping cross that map much more quickly.


  • Increased mobility for the whole team (very effective at saving time to cross the large map)
  • Waterwall is very effective against 5v5 meta burst enemies; Taka, Koshka, and Celeste’s ultimate etc.
  • Good zone control with Fish Food, also provides high damage during early game
  • Slows down meta mobile enemy heroes with Splashdown, reducing their impact


  • Squishy
  • Fish Food has a delay; needs a bit of practice for timing
  • Waterwall has a long cooldown; with 5 team members, you can only protect 1-2 per teamfight


[3.0] image [Captain, Laner/Protector, Utility] R.I.P

[2.12] image [Jungler/Initiator, Tank, Bruiser] OZO OZO OZO OZO OZO OZO OZO OZO OZO!!!
After being the off-meta hero since his release, Ozo is finally getting his chance in the spotlight with 5v5. His perk provides him with extra healing from all sources except his natural health regen, making him one of the best sustain hero in the game only rivaled by Krul. His CP path allows him to become a bulky AOE hero, however, his WP path is what really makes him stand out. He is quite strong in both lane (due to the recent Book of Eulogies buff for melee heroes) and jungle with his fairly good clear speeds and ability to harass in lane. Additionally, all of his abilities synergize extremely well with WP, as Three Ring Circus can allow him to heal a great amount of health, stick to his targets with the second hit, and deal AOE damage with the third hit, Acrobounce gives him a small health barrier, but most importantly, a speed boost that scales with WP after the second bounce, and Bangarang sending him directly to his target, stunning on impact. However, he is extremely weak against CC-heavy team comps and Poisoned Shiv, more than any other hero.


  • Extremely good sustain
  • A ton of stickiness and mobility
  • Great AOE damage


  • Extremely weak against Poisoned Shiv
  • Shut down by CC
  • Can’t handle burst too well


Petal A.K.A Patel
[3.0] image [Jungler, Laner/Carry, Mage-Bruiser, Utility-ish] Patel*

[3.0] image [Captain/Tank, Utility, Initiator-ish]
Everyone’s phavorite river troll is phinally seeing his phair share of meta play with 5v5. His perk provides him with amazing bulk and immunity to CC, making him very durable and great for bodyblocking. Additionally, his abilities provide powerful utility, with Quibble stunning when overdriven, Polite Company granting nearby allies fortified health and pulling enemy heroes slightly closer, and Forced Accord pulling enemy heroes right to his location, working effectively to enegage, protecc, and prevent enemy disengages. However, his low mobility hurts him quite a lot, as he has trouble traversing Sovereign’s Rise, from Top/Bot to Mid especially. In addition, he can easily be stuck on by even slightly mobile heroes.


  • Amazing bulk
  • CC immunity
  • Great utility


  • Low mobility
  • Lack of disengage options
  • Predicable abilities


[3.0] image [Jungler/Mage-Bruiser, Utility, Tank]

Reza A.K.A Smaller Daddy
[3.0] image [Jungler/Assassin]

[3.0] image [Laner/Carry]
Other than Vox, Ringo is with no doubt the best laner in the game right now. His lane clear is ridiculous, his burst is ridiculous, his stutter step game is ridiculous, his mobility is…ok, his chasing is ridiculous, literally everything you want in a laner is in Ringo. Pair him up with Vox in casual and if they’re both competent it’s an ez game they’re ez bans once draft hits if they remain this dominant. If the enemy laner is not prepared, a good Ringo can rack up damage and get first blood before you notice your health bar disappearing. RIngo is pretty much THE tryhard hero to go for in 5v5.

[3.0] image [Jungler, Laner/Bruiser, Utility, Tank-ish]

[3.0] image [Laner/Carry]


[3.0] image [Laner/Artillery, Carry]

[3.0] image [Laner, Jungler/Carry, Utility, Mage-Bruiser]

Taka A.K.A Tako
[3.0] image [Jungler/Assassin]
Despite getting a nerf to Kaku, the lack of an aftershock nerf and a nerf to his damage keeps Taka in a very dominant spot in both 3v3 and 5v5. Very mobile, has stealth, extremely sticky, great burst damage, and can really abuse aftershock very well. His mobility allows him to traverse the large map faster than most heroes which can allow for easy counter jungling. A Tako with good macro play is an absolute menace


  • Very mobile
  • Great damage
  • Hard to kill
  • Heavily rewards good macro play


  • If hit out of stealth he can be shut down pretty easily if not prepared
  • Well placed vision brings his power down a notch


[3.0] image [Laner/Carry]

[3.0] image [Laner/Carry]
Vox was always good, but as a WP carry. However, with the buffs to CP Vox, his CP path is very oppressive. Dealing with the problem of having an extremely weak 1v1 situation was exactly what CP Vox needed to be pushed back over the top to become the best laner in the game imo. His laning is extremely safe as his resonance bounces can hit stealthed heroes, he can stay back where the minions are and still be able to harass at the same time, he has insane minion clear, and can finally 1v1 with CP although it’s still weak compared to other carries in 1v1s unless fed hard.


  • Very safe
  • Insane AOE
  • Can hit stealthed heroes with bounces
  • Mobile


  • Still somewhat weak in 1v1s
  • Has to get pretty close to start attacking


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