Messaages with ... after log on

Hi, guys.
I stopped playing vainglory for a week or two. And when i updated the game and opened it. 5 or 6 messages with question mark ? and … appeared. I was also kicked out of the casual guild i was member of. I was top ranking 5v5 player at rank 7. I played games with the leader of the guild and everything was fine. And now all of sudden kicked out and unfriended. It doesnt matter.
But why do i get messages with ? mark as name and … as message? Is it a bug? It happens sometimes randomly. Just pops up when i log on.

Didnt know should i put this in help section or here at UI.

When the game is set to english and/or android is set to english, Russian cyrillic messages are show as ??? . To correct that I had to:

change the language of my s7e to Russian (Bulgarian that is also cyrillic didn’t help, only Russian) or change the game language to Russian (second is what I read around, not tested).

A lot of guilds kick people if they are not active. To avoid that one should contact the guild leader and notify him that he will have a period off the game.


'probably a message from someone who unfriended you afterwards? That sometimes causes the UI to go buggy.

Edit: If the message consists of question marks, please refer to cha0z’ reply.
If the name is replaced by question marks, likely unfriended after the message was sent.


In this case the name was replaced with ???. Will be more careful with guild leaders. I think i’ll go solo for a while.:blush: thx for help

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Not sure about the … in messages, but I do get the ??? as names frequently (maybe always?) when the person that messaged me is offline now. Opening the ‘offline’ friendlist will then prompt the ‘conversation’ tab to open with the person’s name and chat message as usual.
Really, you can’t go to wrong with writing it off as bugs ^.^


Keep in mind that not only the guild leader can exclude members, also officers. In my guild (for example) if someone is unactive for 5 days - kick. The only exception is if he informed before the non active period. When I was in a vacation, I notify in guild chat and the leader in private msg = no problems.

But yeah… people and people. :slight_smile: