Maxbob need a nerf

What the hell SEMC? This is too much. I’m really disappointed to see what this game has come to. I can’t believe how he oneshots everyone. Not to mention how horrible his 3d model is. And 4 skins prior to his release? Stop being a cash grab and fix your game.

But Maxbob is a nice name so goodjob.


Who the hell is Maxbob?

Edit: nvm I found out who he is and ffs put this in The NaCl mine

Seriously…in 2017 it was Corpus and now Maxbob? Not funny semc.

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2017? Boi.


they gave maxbob a spotlight but not reza
this makes me angery


Hate Reza. I’m glad he didn’t get a spotlight

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No, Maxbob doesn’t need a nerf, he’s perfectly fine. They just need to buff all the other heroes so they can actually be viable in the Maxbob meta.

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To be fair he doesn’t need one

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no they need to buff everyone to have 42069 damage with no items

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So in other words they need to denerf all previous nerfs

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Yes, plus implement the 1.4 preview balance changes

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There’s really a hero named Maxbob? Is this real?

Edit: Nvm. That was so corny it literally made me sad.


haha nice joke buddy u got me there but u diidnt even say april fools

No April Fools joke there :joy:

no need to kid april fools is over